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Universal mission search for Son December: how much will they rise

The national government officially made the increase to pensioners, pensioners and other social security beneficiaries of 8.74 percent as of December. Universal Allocation by Child and Pregnancy, which directly benefits 4 million children and adolescents of 2.2 million families, will be $ 2746 per child, an increase of just over 200 pesos. "ANSES informs that as of December 1, more …

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Amalia Granata burst into tears as she talked about the controversy with Anna Chiara del Boca: "They will have to kill me"

This Week Amalia Granata lived one of the most complicated moments of his life since his name rose to fame. The unexpected situation occurred after Anna Chiara Biasotti daughter of Andrea del Boca and Ricardo Biasotti former couple Rosario, publicly condemned to be a victim of sexual abuse in her childhood of his father. From this fact was disconnected the …

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Impressive accident involving cars and colectivo en la Ruta 40

<meta property = "og: description" content = "A vehicle of the front and a true impact against a colleague in the alto of Paso Hondo and Las Heras, as far as the Camino in Mendoza con San Juan. momento hay tres personas heridas, una de gravedad. "/>                      Impressive accident involving cars and colectivo en la Ruta 40 | MDZ …

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An economist from Alberto F met an IMF official

The head of the International Monetary Fund for the region, Alejandro Werner, met on Friday in Miami with economist Guillermo Nielsen, in first meeting of an official of the Fund with a member of Alberto Fernández's economic team since the candidate for Frente de Todos won the election. A spokesman for the IMF confirmed Clarín that "the director of the …

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Alberto Fernández travels to and from the primary object of the Transition: asegurar el frente interno

Alberto Fernández's Encina lentamente hacia la Casa Rosada, but also in the campsite, and in transit su mirada parece puesta especialmente et el frente interno. Cada acto admite es lectura doméstica. Significatio: no estaría aprovechando el impulso del triunfo electoral para alimentar la pretensión inaugural de todo ciclo, es decir, par convocar más al la voto propio y del aplauso …

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El hijo de Alberto Fernández cargos contra el periodismo: "Me cagaron la vida sólo por mi padre"

November 8, 2019 23:04 The social media of the social realities is "the gift of socialization to the nation". El hijo de Alberto Fernández is contrasted with his periodism: "I can see the void on my pad". Estanislao Fernández hijo del presidente electo Alberto Fernandez y aseguró which is the siente victima del “acoso periodístico”. In the midst of an …

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