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They interrupted the judge refusing to stop Pablo Moyano

Buenos Aires trial suspended Judge Luis Carzoglio, who had been dismissed for "irregularities" in the performance of his function as Chief of the Guarantee Court 9 by Avellaneda . Carzoglio had been convicted of "abuse of authority and violation of the duties of a public official" by the Bicameral Commission of Procedure Regulations prosecution for judges and officials and by …

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Milani acquitted in trial for crimes against humanity and released

César Milani was accused of participating in kidnappings and torture against Pedro Olivera and his son, Ramón Source: LA NACION – Credit: Diego Lima LA RIOJA.- The Former Army Chief under the Government Cristina Kirchner , César Milani he was acquitted in the trial of crimes against humanity that the federal oral court La Rioja bore and will be released. …

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How the ban works on social networks

The ban is a regulation aimed at giving voters time to "reflect" on their decision and not be affected by political propaganda, at least during the last period. In this regard, dissemination, advertising, dissemination of surveys and posters are prohibited. This restriction on publications for election purposes includes graphic media, public roads, the Internet, mobile and fixed telephony, and static …

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The prohibition rules: what are the prohibitions until Sunday evening – 08/09/2019

From eight this Friday, August 9, the electoral ban applies throughout the country which is in effect within 48 hours before the election. The Federal Court bans public documents for negotiating and disseminating political propaganda for PASO on Sunday. Other social issues are also prohibited. Here is a review of the most important ones: Also watch The National Electoral Act …

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The snow surprised the city of Los Cocos

On Thursday night, residents of the city of Los Cocos – located in the Punilla Department of Córdoba Province – marveled at the small snowflakes. The Balcón de Punilla, as it is popularly known, is 84 kilometers north of the city of Córdoba. Video Courtesy Alexis Ochoa Source link

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