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Brazil exceeds 95,000 coronavirus deaths and Bolsonaro refuses to help doctors | Chronicle

Brazil surpassed on Tuesday 95,000 dead past coronavirus, after reporting 1,154 deaths in the past 24 hours, the Ministry of Health reported.

According to the government’s daily bulletin, the 1,154 deaths included in the statistics caused the sum of deaths since the pandemic began to reach 95,819.

Experts considered it likely that on Friday it could reach 100,000 deaths in Argentina’s most important regional trading partner.

In the last 24 hours, 51,603 new infected people have been added to the official report, bringing the number of patients since the pandemic began to 2,801,921.

The three southern states of the country, Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, has experienced continued growth in deaths from Covid-1

9 since the end of June and amounted to 5,462 so far.

These three states bordering Misiones and Corrientes are in the middle of an upward curve and several cities are eliminating the flexibility they have adopted since May.

The coronavirus destroys in São Paulo: the vaccine, the hope

The state of San Pablo, the most populous country in the country with 46 million inhabitants, is the main focus with an accumulation of 23,702 deaths and 575,589 cases.

Governor of São Paulo, Joao Doria, confirmed it by the two vaccines developed in Brazil if successful, they can be applied in the population from February.

San Pablo has the Butatan Institute, a government entity that is the largest Latin American vaccine factory.

At the same time, the Secretary-General of the Presidency, Jorge Oliveira, he became the eighth minister in the president’s cabinet Jair Bolsonaro in the procurement of Covid-19.

Bolsonaro refuses to help health workers in the midst of a pandemic

On the other hand, the president vetoed it projects to supply 50,000 reais (approximately $ 900) to health workers who were disabled due to the coronavirus, while receiving protection from the head of the Chamber of Deputies to avoid many requests for impeachment.

Bolsonaro claimed that the legislation, already approved by Congress, is “contrary to the public interest” and “unconstitutional”.

The veto must be analyzed again by the legislator in order to be formally approved.

“Despite the merits of the proposal and the good intention of the legislator to propose the payment of compensation, the proposal contains legal obstacles”, alleged, according to the document published by the Presidency.

“The introduction of isolation of employees for seven days in the context of the Covid-19 emergency creates legal uncertainty and technical incapacityhe commented.

The political assessment is cooling

Former President of the Chamber of Deputies, Rodrigo Maia, announced that he will not give the green light to any of the 48 requests for prosecution against the President, given that there is no breach of responsibility committed in relation to his handling of coronavirus.

The declaration was interpreted as a lifeline for Bolsonaro, who since June has managed to stop the country’s institutional crisis by reaching agreements with sectors in Congress to prevent a removal process for his handling of the pandemic, strongly questioned by much of the political arc, society and many nations.

“I do not see in these requests for rebuttal any crime committed by the President,” Maia told the Roda Viva program, from São Paulo’s general channel TV Cultura.

“We are in a moment of pandemic and it is not time to decide an impeachment without motivation for it, that is why I do not decide”added Maia, who nevertheless questioned Bolsonaro for having “minimized” the trend in the pandemic.

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