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Blockchain and cryptocurrency jobs top the list of most in-demand skills

This has made us as a human species increasingly dependent on technologies, to the extent that we probably could not live if we did not have any of them. Digital banking, video calling, messaging tax, delivery services and now cryptocurrencies.

The technology sector is changing faster than we can dominate it and from time to time a technology is emerging that is revolutionizing all aspects of our lives, and this is the case with Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency of all, and the technology that gives it life, Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency labor market

If ever there was a time to enter a tech job market world in the cryptocurrency universe, and Blockchain technologies is it now.

Regardless of location, the present shows us a small selection of the future. Countries such as Canada, Japan, South Korea and even the European Union are considering updating their national currencies to a cryptocurrency.

But it is not all because private companies integrate blockchain (Blockchain) in their business models, not to mention small companies (start-ups) with their companies in the sector.

All are demanding, experts from the world of cryptocurrency choice and Blockchain, in large quantities. But as expected, there is not much supply, which makes the salary more than competitive.

Every new project that wants to provide a solution with this new technology encounters the same obstacles: the lack of knowledgeable and educated people (not to mention experience) that develop in this technology.

If anything, the current trend is just the tip of the iceberg of what is expected to be continued growth in demand.

The time to be a part of the world with cryptocurrency is now

You can be a part of the cryptocurrency world in many ways, from a miner who validates transactions, from the investor who makes money with the volatility of Bitcoin, from a person who fights for his financial freedom or to protect himself against inflation and the negative effects of coronavirus.

However, you can also be part of seeing BTC, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain as new technologies that have revolutionized the world in a sector that has hundreds of years without a powerful impact on digitalisation: the banking and finance system. And even more, it has come to work as an alternative that is thousands of years old, like money.

It is not surprising, as new technologies expand, so do courses, books and materials available online in all languages.

More than a future, it is already a reality

When you look at the roles that employers are looking for, we can see that they are a bit for the staff, from cryptocurrency software engineers, cryptanalysts, developers, traders, mining engineers and systems engineers, they are just some of these they are in high demand. Not to mention developers / programmers in Solidity the programming language that Ethereum uses, where you see a lot of dynamism.

At present, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are already being adopted in many areas and industries. From sports, agriculture, science and economics and even renewable energy.

But a problem that many of these companies have faced is the fact that there are not many people in this field of work.

Demand for new brains is growing exponentially. According to new research based on Linkedin, jobs related to blockchain and cryptocurrency technology top the list of demand after 2020.

Employers are looking for anyone who has the skills to do the job. If the world̵

7;s big companies like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and Amazon are investing in blockchain, you know the rest of the world will do the same.

Based on current trends and investments from top companies, more and more people will start using it soon. All you need to do is start learning blockchain-related skills and start building decentralized applications.

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