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Bicameral awaits Aguad on questions and questions for ARA San Juan – Télam

Defense Minister's presence, this pattern for 15 in the Senate Senate, where the Bi-American Investigation Commission on the disappearance and search of the missing ship with 44 crew members met.

The days since the members of Bicameral signed a note addressed to the official express concern that the Russian Yantar ship would be revoked from the search.

And they also requested that they "report what the ministry's plans are to continue the search" along with their crew.

The meeting will be held in Illia Hall of the Upper House and will be led by senator José Ojeda, from the Justicialista block.

Aguad will present a report and will meet the questions of Commissioners about the operation to locate ships and its crew. It is also expected to provide definitions of roaming tasks.

The bicameral commission is chaired by the Senate from Tierra del Fuego, from the Federal Argentina Block José Ojeda, and is broadcast by Macrist's assistant in the province of Buenos Aires, Guillermo Montenegro.

In addition, they integrate it through the upper house, riojana Olga Inés Brizuela and Doria, and Bullrich Porteño, Cambiemos; Chubut Alfredo Luenzo and Fuegian Ojeda, from Argentina Federal; Kirchneristen Anabel Fernández Sagasti and Magdalena Odarda rionegrina, of the Progressive Front.

The deputies are Kirchnerist Carmona and Nilda Garré (CABA), Massista Grandinetti, Justice Pedro Miranda (Mendoza) and Macristas Montenegro Part and Petri.

In the south, the former marine administrator Marcelo Eduardo Srur said that although he knew the underwater ARA San Juan operations because of his high function, he was not fully aware of his "specific activity or his displacements".

And he was regarded as "unfairly displaced from his position in the navy" by minister Aguad. "I'm very hurt," Judge Marta Yáñez, investigating the underwater disappearance in the South Atlantic, told the judge in Caleta Olivia.

Relatives of the subway ARA San Juan demanded yesterday in front of Mar del Plata that the national government "immediately" used the necessary technology to locate the ship five months after its disappearance in the South Atlantic

The San Juan Last Contact Act began with a mass in the chapel of the base, a few minutes before 17, and then a concentration was held in front of the guards on the spot to repeat the claim of greater resources for the site.

The request again addressed the national government, reinforced by this opportunity by claiming that "immediately" had the necessary way to continue with the search data of the boat.

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