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Before leaving office, Caruso advised the management "Santa"

"What do you leave positive in San Martin?" "What do you get positive from Tucumán?" Just confirmed the abolition of "Santo" in the Super League Cup and coach's personal farewells, questions to Ricardo Caruso Lombardi was focused in two directions, as a balance.

It is clear that the main objectives, the permanence of Superliga, were not achieved, for which the balance of the balance cannot be balanced. In this way, Caruso did not reach what he expected in his state of supposed "miracle worker" to save (almost) sentenced to descent. The story, in short, didn't have a happy ending.

But either because he led the team in only eight games (one win, four draws ̵

1; one with triumph in penalty, in the Copa Argentina – and three defeats), either because of its controversial and unmistakable style, the perception of the "holy" people in relation to the technician fireman who tried to extinguish a fire that was uncontrolled at day of arrival, it is not entirely negative.

"The positive things I contributed to? Having taken some inferior players who were not considered and performed and are very good. Many of these guys are going very well," Caruso confirmed as he named this time without giving the names , his main legacy: debut and minutes on court awarded youths like Juan Orellana Tomás Federico and Lucas González .

Caruso uses different expressions to account for the influence caused by passion and support teams of fans of San Martín.

"What did I get? Many nice things, and a great surprise; sometimes you don't know what you can find inside and this is what you have to tell the people (NdR: from Buenos Aires Federal Capital and Suburban), that the interior exists when there are clubs like this, "he said. [19659002] "The people were impressive, San Martin's people did not mind. Nothing to complain about, relative to the club, or the leadership, or the medical staff or props: the treatment of man is impeccable. In addition to the outside, I saw that some asked the president's head for the descent, they must know that he works like crazy. Before he went to site, San Martin was one way, today he is an example;

The coach acknowledged that he would have preferred to say goodbye to "Santo" with a performance "more accomplished" than that of his players in Santa Fe "I would have wanted to return to Buenos Aires in another way, have made a final game more tramadol, last lost 2-1 and be able to say that we would tie it, those things looking for one, but hey, when the team cannot find, he finds not. "

" We only had 15 or 20 minutes of good level in the second half, thanks to the changes we made, everything else was very weak, I had every illusion to win against the Union, beyond any discomfort we had during the week ", he described.

Overall, Caruso said he was happy that "the team responded a lot, except on Sunday they did not have a good game, but from the previous games I am very proud. With the Union was not his day, it is the parties you I did not find around. I saw it. "

When asked what advice he would give to the leadership of the" sainte "based on his experience, Caruso He replied:" Try to keep many players, there are several who went very well. .. there are some on a good level to leave, and others to go to another club undoubtedly. Another thing, leadership should not miss the choice of the new DT; that is the key. The ideal is to bring one who knows "How to play as a visitor. At La Ciudadela, at B, San Martín carries you. Therefore, if you go well outside, you must go up," he concluded.

And it happens voluntarily to his successor in the La Ciudadela bank: "The biggest problem I always had is that we arrive very little and convert us; it is a big problem, because when you get there once and that is a goal, again and it is a goal, you stop lowering your arms. "

Your future? Caruso sometimes exercises law, sometimes "officiating" as a journalist (controversial, rather) and when he can military for the cause of the Argentine technical director's collective.

Therefore, he was not surprised at his answer to the previous question. "Now? I go where I can, I had no plan to target, it was given to me and I did it with great enthusiasm." A few weeks ago, he blinked on the leadership of Newell's old boys, who no longer have Hector Bidoglio on the bench (although "Leprosy" initially points to another coach profile).

] And before he left Citadel, Caruso launched his last phrase: "I go with the joy of being in a beautiful club". Corten, the movie is over.

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