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Argentinos Juniors beat Córdoba in La Paternal

23:08 Deportivo

The undefeated Argentinos Juniors beat Central Córdoba 3 to 1 at Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, within the seventh day of the Argentine Football Super League and are tournament leader.

Carlos Quintana, Gabriel Hauche and Santiago Silva made for the winner. Gervasio Nuñez discounted for the visit.

El Bicho reached 15 points and surpassed the Boca Juniors with one, which tomorrow will be measured with San Lorenzo de Almagro.

For its part, Central Cordoba, which is in decline, there have been three defeats in a row.

In a first round trip, the railroad was generally a little better, although the clearest was for the local, in a shed that could not benefit from taking advantage. [1

9659003] Between 17 and 20 minutes of play, Argentines came three times in danger. The first was with a shot by Santiago Silva that covered Diego Rodríguez well. Then with a headline from the same Uruguayan striker who went near the right post. The latter corresponded to a shot by Gabriel Hauche from the edge of the area who passed away on the road and went just over the crossbar.

Those of Gustavo Coleoni won the tactical battle and came to the rival area, but without the necessary force to translate it to the network. His closest attempt was an attempt by Facundo Melivilo outside the area that was attached to the right post.

One minute took Argentinos to shout during the second period. Elías Gómez sent a free kick in high over the penalty box. Quintana won in the small area to score a header in the rival goal.

It seemed that the bug was on its way all 5, as Hauche had a brief clearance by Ismael Quilez and Rodriguez broke the bow after a center from the right of Diego Sosa.

But the homeowner's peace of mind was short-lived. One minute later, Torrén failed and Nuñez did not forgive. Defined well attached to the right post to return his team's life.

Damián Batallini had on his right foot the third, 22, but ended at the width of the left stick. At 38, Rodriguez denied him the target again at the end of the premises.

Silva removed the anger accumulated by the chances lost in the first half of 41, when a center led by Jonathan Sandoval arrived from the case which came from the right to resolve the trial.

The next day, Argentinos will visit Columbus with the intention of keeping his undefeated. Central Cordoba, for its part, will have Godoy Cruz.

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