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Argentine Guido Pizarro took Tigres to the finals of Mexican football with his goal against Monterrey

As for the spirit Osvaldo Batocletti – one of the tigers Tigers who died the day before – would have lived for a final farewell, Argentine Guido Pizarro rose in the air and made goals the cats reached the finale of the Clausura 2019 of the Liga MX at the expense of his hated rival, Monterrey Uruguay's Diego Alonso could not maintain his advantage after that in the semi-finals On the way will win at least with a score of Dorlan Pabón. The Tigers showed that at least in Liga MX, they continue to keep their hegemony over their neighbor in Sultana del Norte, which they defeated almost a year ago in the finale of 201

8 Clausura. [19659002] The goal of the match played in the University stadium was achieved by the Argentine Pizarro in 42 minutes and thus the home players reached the playoffs, as they were better placed in the general table in regular phases when they ended as sublime, while Rayados was third.

The action of the match was dominated by the host from the first moments, but they ran into a visitor who was good in the defensive sector that cut

Brazilian technicians students Ricardo "Tuca" Ferretti did not stop trying make injuries and they were close to getting it when Javier Aquino took the ball by the left sector and took a powerful shot, which was declined by the goalkeeper Argentine Marcelo Barovero.

At 23 minutes, the cats generated another alternative by the Colombian Luis Quiñones who shot after removing the mark, but the goalkeeper was careful to stay with the ball. The meeting did not change much tone in the first half, the house even tricked to move forward on the table but failed to realize the opportunities presented.

Rayados had virtually no offensive force, but it was off a shot from outside Colombia's Dorlan Pabón area when he was close to scoring, but the ball struck the post.

Tigres did not lower their arms and performed the Chilean Eduardo Vargas on the left, he sent the center as c the Argentine Guido Pizarro joined to the head and so fell the last 1- 0 in 42 minutes.

Rayados tried to respond in the second part they advanced their lines in search of the equalizer, but they did not achieve it and those that they had simply exploited them. The match was contested in the midfield and Colombian Aviles Hurtado had some options for Monterrey that did not arise, as well as Rodolfo Pizarro, so that the homeowner kept the advantage.

Monterrey did not give up, fought for injury against the host's cottage, but they did not, for Tigres, striker Eduardo Vargas election and goalkeeper Luis Cárdenas avoided the fall

In the last few minutes, it was an intense dispute in the field, but at the end the board did not go and so the cats were placed in the next round so now they are just waiting for his rival who will leave Leon against America this Sunday.

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