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Argentina brilliant and celebrated with Putin

Sorpresa mayúscula la María Victoria Alcaraz, the director of the Colón theater, can enter the menus of the President of the Federation of Rusa, Vladimir Putin, habida decidido condecorarla. It is possible to apply semantics and fueron much to others in particular, including the obituary of the Russian language, justification, not to mention the music of the art, especially the ballet and music, rather than to the performance of a particular event. . The motivational determinant, its embargo, can be seen as far as successive to this case, cuando's realizó and Buenos Aires la Cumbre del G20. An instant moment of the Colón's transformation and of the principal polo of the Attendance of Missionary Officers, including the fantasy of velada con que se agasaio and the conocido theater, a delegation of two los pais, encased by his mandate, and Putin no fue la excepcion.

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