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An electric terester YPF earned $ 12,543 millones

The results of the petroleum industry are negative by the trimester consecutive. Says information YPF is giving CNV a result of its net operating income of $ 12,543 million.

First, it is unconstitutional of the precedent of the Naftas, which is effective as part of the September issue, whichever is longer. cmputo del deterioro de activos por $ 31,072 million correspondentes a los bienes de capital de la gascci The net result is net operating income, which is a quarterly balance of $ 18,529 million.

First, it has a negative balance of $ 2,327 million and a second trimester and a positive one of $ 1

3,207 million. Con la cual, a new primer that is new to the petrol network is priced at $ 23,023 million.

This results in a gross gross negative result of $ 30,625 million and an additional quarter, with a negative result and a negative result. upstream (- $ 40,209 million) and more downstream and downstream segment (+ $ 5,504 million) and downward positive and gas and energy ($ 920 million, 58.5% but in 2018).

If y todo, the compaa no reduction su level inversin durante el trimestre sino que increment un 50.7% interanual hasta alcanzar los $ 41,038 millones. By September and September, YPF totaled $ 111,496 million, up 81.5% in 2018 and in 2018. By contrast, the previews of $ 44,255 million in additional and cash and reserve $ 2,500 per share of futures dividends. [19659004] A consensus, with EBITDA adjusted for interest rates equal to 49.299 millones, a 33.9% superior to igual trimester of previo.Por ended up adjusting for accu rue negative $ 32.44.

Respecto de for hydrocarbons, YPF informs and elects for the 2019 mantuvo estable alcanzando los 530.0 Kbped, and comparacin al tercer trimes for 2018, to do as well as disincentives for the product in effect 2019 for consecuencia de The disposition of activists representing representative 2.4 Kbped. "

" The promotion of the 2019 process of terrorism at a loss of 287.4 Kbbld, a 2.6% superior to the third trimester of 2018, siendo el promotedio de utilizacin d It is refined by the 2019 trimester by 89.9% ", aggregated.

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