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Amber Heard’s injuries were caused by Elon Musk and not Johnny Depp, witnesses say

Amber Heard and Elon Musk, 2017, when they had already announced their romance. Now it is he whom witnesses accuse of beating the actress Credit: GROSBY GROUP

The marriage with

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp

, after only 15 months of union, ended a millionaire divorce agreement in August 201

6. Since last Tuesday, a court in London has participated in the indictment filed by the actor against the newspaper The Sun, which accused him of being a violent husband and that is why they are

details of the complex relationship between the two emerge.

At the new hearing, which Heard has also been forced to attend,

The couple has once again taken up dirty laundry, fights and fights publicly and privately.

But not only do they have a version to give, but

Statements from employees, doctors or staff who have treated them are leaking

to check if the British tabloid or actor to

Pirates of the Caribbean

. The latter number have been doormen from the so-called Eastern Columbia Building, the beautiful apartment building in the twenties in whose penthouse the couple lived in Los Angeles, California. They have claimed that Amber Heard, 34, is not telling the truth and that

allegations of alleged attacks

from Depp, 57,

they are fake.

The building’s doorman, Alejandro Romero, and Trinity Esparza, the person responsible for its security, have given their opinion in a video with a verification that has been leaked by the British newspaper The Daily Mail. The events that Romero and Esparza talk about are limited to the last days of May and the first days of June 2016, when the Association of Interpreters gave their final blows. As they explain, on May 21, they saw Amber Heard without makeup, but also without bruises or bruises of any kind. And that day, according to the actress, was when Depp threw a cell phone in his face “like a baseball pitcher.” Neither that day nor during the whole week, where Esparza repeatedly saw an interpreter


He noticed marks on his face.

On Friday, May 27, however, Esparza claims that Heard “appeared with a red incision under the right eye and with red marks around it.” In addition, the building’s security chief claims that a week later, on June 4, she saw Heard with more injuries, such as a bruise on his left cheek, two on each side of his neck in the form of fingers and “coin-shaped blows”.

But then, during the first days of June, Johnny Depp had already been two weeks out of the apartment they shared, as Esparza and Romero confirm and confirmed by the actor’s team, who assure him he was “out of the country”. In fact, Esparza assures that during these days,

Heard “had interacted with Elon Musk”, and only with him

. Therefore, these injuries would never have been caused by her still husband, but would have been inflicted by Musk.

According to Romero, Musk Heard visited late at night “several times a week” while Depp was out on a shooting game. “Elon Musk often went to the attic during Mr. Depp’s two weeks’ absence,” they say. They report that he arrived around 11 at night and did not leave earlier than one in the morning, which was when he finished his shift.

Heard and Elon Musk, the tech mogul and founder of the car company Tesla and the space travel company Space X, dated for about a year, from 2016 to August 2017, although they took months to go public with their rumors the relationship, which was not officially revealed until April 2017. During one of his statements about defamation, Depp claimed that his then wife had been unfaithful to Musk while they were still married, something that now statements from the porters about the building could confirm.


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