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Alberto Fernández will be the main character in the trial of Cristina Kirchner for public works: what role will it be

Alberto Fernández will not only be the candidate of the president of the formula who will have Cristina Kirchner as vice president. The former head of government will also be the protagonist of the oral trial of the former president of public works that will begin next Tuesday. Fernandez is one of the 159 witnesses quoted and, depending on when he must testify, he can do so as a candidate or, depending on the election results, as president or from the plain.

When the Federal Oral Court 2 accepted the evidence that it will be analyzed in the process – among them witnesses – was last September and Fernandez did not appear in the election. But now his name takes another value.

The presidential candidate is one of the witnesses convened at the request of the defense of Cristina Kirchner, former minister of federal planning Julio De Vido and businessman Lázaro Báez . The former president wants him and all his cabinet managers to account for what the management of the public works was during his tenure. In addition, Fernandez will explain Sergio Massa, Jorge Capitanich, Juan Manuel Abal Medina and Anibal Fernández.

The date when Fernández will declare is not defined. There are a few months left for the witness phase and it will depend on the schedule set by the court and the dynamics of all oral procedures. The process is scheduled to last for at least a year, so the verdict – when defined if the accused is guilty or innocent – will be long after the election. So, it will be known if Fernández-Fernández formula governs the country.

As it is not yet known when Fernández will testify, the expectation is that he will do so as a candidate or, potentially, as president. The primary election is August 11, the election on October 27 and the possible vote on November 24.

Cristina Kichner will be judged by De Vido, Báez, former secretary of public works José López ] and other former officials in the area of ​​national roads and Santa Cruz. In total, 13 are introduced . The charge is for the alleged irregularities in 51 works that Báez's companies received for the province rigged with the governments of Néstor and Cristina Kirchner. According to the accusation, most of the works were not completed or completed outside the original deadlines but were always paid on time.

One of the points of the accusation is that Cristina Kirchner's government was using various mechanisms, such as presidential decrees, resolutions from the Federal Planning Ministry or the National Highway Directorate, for the benefit of the companies in Báez.

Cristina Kirchner rejects the accusations and one of her defenses is that the broadcasts for Public Works were voted by the Congress in the budget and that the changes that could lead were the decision of the heads of the cabinet. On that line, he requested explanation of his current friend.

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