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Alberto Fernández: "We never thought about stopping …

Cristina spoke at the book fair about the need for a social contract. Did they talk about it? Or have you thought of something like precandidato ?

-This idea of ​​Cristina I share, everyone in Argentina has to reconsider how we work. Not just political leadership, not just business management, not just union, but how we act as citizens. Cristina talks about the need to rebuild a citizen pact, a citizen agreement. The citizen is something more than "the people": it is the people with rights and obligations. They are men and women with rights and obligations. Cristina's proposal, which I share, is that we must reconstruct new rules that we respect because the biggest problem in Argentina is that we do not respect the rules. When Cristina speaks of social pact and (José Ber) Gelbard, it is not mentioned as a model to follow. He mentions the example of a time when an agreement was made with entrepreneurs. And the contractors did not follow You failed Perón. Cristina remembers that this omnipresent was Perón. The contract Cristina speaks of can be a formidable mechanism to eliminate the crack: to set new rules for democratic coexistence. I am not talking about constitutional reforms and I am not talking about any of these things, but we follow the rules we set.

-Home out there a little thinner. Without making a constitutional reform, which is very difficult, the changes require some institutionalism.
An economic social agreement can be an example.

-It can be an agreement between unions and employers to try to order wages and prices but they are things that can be agreed for a short while to leave a bad time and then restart. They cannot be constant with constant mechanisms. Argentina has institutional problems that we must deal with seriously. And it may happen that some reforms, laws that make them work well again. The typical case of speaking without euphemism is the problem of justice.


1; The Force Judicial … criticized you much for your statements.

-There are people with a feverish mind who react like the Lost Patrols who ignored the war. One day, a journalist told me "we know that you think the federal justice should be thrown into the garbage". It is not so First, we must understand that the Argentine justice is not exclusively the federal criminal case. Moreover, not all judges are the same. It's not the same (Daniel) Rafeca's as (Julián) Ercolini and it's not the same (Sebastián) Casanello as (Claudio) Bonadio. I said some judges at first instance or in the Chamber have dictated really surprising judgments by those who will have to report and everyone felt very attacked and said I threatened the judges. I want to remind you, beginning with the Federation, that we live in a republic where there are three powers. One is the judicial power. And the acts of judicial power are the sentences. The judges must be responsible for their government acts. I do not know why they are offended when you tell them to explain. Here comes striking. When a judge releases someone in advance who goes out and kills and offends the judge, they condemn him on the spot of the media. They condemn him for the government's actions to have released anyone what they unjustly understand. Now it does not happen in the cases against Cristina, not in the case of the judges pursuing Cristina For me, justice must work well with my friends and with my enemies. It's just a point I think we should discuss. This is no threat. All public officials must be responsible for our actions and the judges must be accountable. When you see this week's decision, the Supreme Court took on Cristina's trial (in the Federal Court 2). It was clear how the media policy legal matrix plays. It's terrible happening. The speakers of these facts do not realize that they encourage a method that one day can turn to them. Returning to the court, he must know how to read what he has said. All he did was ask for a file to try a resource and that made them crazy. This decided the court to make a statement. If I was a member of the Oral Court, I would be very concerned that the statement says "Dear Judges, I asked for the file because I have eight appeals in this case, I want to warn you that I am studying these remedies because additional zeros could be determined in the process." Clarín celebrated, (Minister of Justice Germán) Garavano toasted with champagne. What no one noticed is that there is an article in the Rules of Procedure that says that an oral examination cannot start if there is an open appeal. And the court says there are eight. When the trial begins, the judges must also declare their government actions. It's not a threat: I say how it works. People can be lied to because the court rules are known to lawyers who make criminal law. But the law can't lie.

Cristina during the last year of his government decoded what was SIDE . It opened a box of Pandora whose consequences we live. What does think?

-Cristina did something good that I praised. He stated that AFI's resources should be public. And Macri did something terrible that we suffer. To mention, just arrived, a close friend of yours in the AFI's head. And he determined the secret use of the funds managed by AFI. We have already known that some of these resources are used to fund D & # 39; Alessio. A very serious problem that we have to deal with because we find Alessio on one side or with the reverse spy Barreiro on another. We know that there is a mechanism built from State Intelligence to use prosecutors, judges and journalists. And perform operations ranging from the construction of non-existent causes and making them existing, to ideological falsifications of protected witnesses, up to smooth and flat extortions. To use these intelligence services to solve personal problems with a prosecutor. Everything has been so painful … I do not understand why the State Department still does not make decisions. But we have a prosecutor in the absence of a repentant prosecutor … And a prosecutor who does not want the repentance to repent for preserving his accomplices. This is something that needs to be changed. Intelligence service makes much sense if they are dedicated to making intelligence to defend the country's sovereignty and interests but not pursue journalists or opponents. You can compare the situation he found Nestor Kirchner 2003 that he will receive next year. You can compare the situation government?

-We arrived at Néstor Argentina had an economy as standard. The debt with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was 10 per cent of the total. It is not a minor fact because the debt with the IMF is protected: one cannot take off or wait. All you can do is refinance over time paying more interest. That debt now represents between 35 and 40 percent of the total. The rest is private debt that is not in default. But if Macri continues, it is very possible that they fall into standard. The debt is a strong condition because Macri drew attention to the only problem he drew attention to saving the dollar demand problems from the financial mechanism. He believed that the inflation problem solved only by attacking the currency. And generated an economic chaos that has rarely lived in Argentina. We must provide a solution to the economic chaos, otherwise there is no solution to the debt issue. But all this must be done without neglecting the need to develop the productive apparatus to return the economy.

With that, we shall begin to solve the social crisis we have today. You have to do everything at the same time. It is obvious that we have to deal with the issue but we have never thought about stopping paying the debt or failing to fulfill its obligations. The story tells us that we came to pay the debts that others have always taken. We have paid them on the terms we promised to pay. We need to make an effort to see how we meet that moment. In addition, everyone talks about what we should do when we arrive and no one realizes what is happening from here until December 10, the risk of falling into standard with private debt. No one is aware of it. No. And that is a very serious problem. Macri loses billions of dollars removed. And they came and fled, refugees from the Argentine financial system.

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