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Alberto Fernández: "There is nothing more destructive than …

Alberto Fernández receives Page12 in his department of Puerto Madero. It looks so much so that it attracts attention. He concentrates on the report, does not drink water or coffee, does not look away at the TV but silences. Take calmly to the photographers' reasonable wishes. Smile, answer as if he didn't believe, own resource for who's used to the reports. When he falls on Saturday night he assumes out of the microphone that he slept a little but does not rush the conversation or farewell. He gets emotional at some point when asked if he became emotional. For a distracted spectator, it seems to be a leader who analyzes the displacement of former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner than the candidate no one expected, not even himself.


1; It seems that the order of the factor changes the product, right? 19659003] – It seems that there have been so many for many. Reality has been a surprise thing. Cristina had all the prerequisites to come to the presidency and to compete and decided to accompany me. The truth that speaks very well about Cristina.

-Why do you talk so well about Cristina?

Not always in history can cases of someone who can come to power leave that place in this case on my behalf. I think of it as a generous fact to serve the whole. There were many reasons why she continued and she prefers to leave the site to another because she thinks it would be better for collective processes.

– Would you have done it instead?

-I don't know. I always have a constructive spirit, I think of politics as a permanent building, I always put myself off. I did nothing to be a candidate. When I started my whole task of trying to unite the parties, I laid the idea of ​​not being a candidate myself so that I could talk to everyone about the importance of unity and that nobody believes that I wanted to be me. There were many reasons why Cristina could think of returning. Cristina fired everything up and when everyone told her and everyone told me "this idea of ​​the changed Cristina you are proposing is false". The truth is that Cristina got tired of proving that there is another Cristina who is not a Cristina with new beliefs is a Cristina, more mature. A Cristina to which things have happened in recent years has tempered her spirit and today allows her to renounce herself many times from immediate decisions and make a better decision. I'm not saying I was the best decision because it would be very, very crazy for me. But I say – as she told me – that she believed that at the time I arrived, I had a better dialogue with many sectors, could help more than her in the formula. If she had said that I would accompany her in the formula I would have said yes, but she never told me. He expressed it to me according to these terms.

-You used to say that without Cristina you can't and that with Cristina alone won't be enough for you to look for something that it lacked the link between Peronism and Kirchnerism Are you the one missing the link in any way?

-I don't know, frankly, I don't know. What I saw this year, which was one of the things that got my attention from Cristina, is that it is the only policy that has increased steadily day by day in the surveys over the past year. I was not in competition and I think the choice has to do with what she thought I could be in this case. For me, it is a tremendous calm that Cristina is in the formula because Cristina is the center of Argentine politics. All these thoughts about getting her out of the political scenario seemed confused with me because nothing would have been steerable without Cristina at the center of the decision.

– When did you reeconstrict with her?

-In December 2017. They spent nine years without seeing us, almost 10, the time the reunion was a meeting where we restored the friendship we had, love, where we settled everything we questioned, making it possible for us to work with great confidence. with the other. I was very moved, much, by Cristina's offer. I met her almost before Néstor and I created a friendship band, then love that I had with Nestor was undeniable. So much so that the penguins told me I was a Cristino. It happened to me what happens to many Argentines who fought among friends because politics did not agree with them. The difference is that there was a discussion between a president and a cabinet manager who were friends, but we both had the institutional tension. It was very cruel what happened to us. I didn't have a good time these nearly ten years, but the reunion was huge. Everyone did the reading of the political meeting and no one did the reading of the human reencounter. That's what I value most and I loved helping her in this time to leave the place where they put her. Today (yesterday) I talked to her again after watching the video and I got excited again and I just said "Thank you, thank you for the friendship we could put together".

– In addition to the government party's discomfort and stupefaction, it came out Hernán Lombardi to say that this would return Cámpora to the Perón government to power that ended in dictatorship. Then the president Macri considered that your formula would be to return to the self-destruction of the country …

-What Macri says is pueril because nothing is more destructive to Argentina than the mafismo in force. Lombardi speaks with the superficiality he spoke when he was part of the sushi group, he did not attach it with sincerity. Neither Cristina is Perón, I am not Cámpora and Cristina knows it because one day I resigned and I politically confronted for ten years. What many find difficult to understand is that two people who appreciate and value each other and respect one day can find an agreement to cooperate as they did before. That Cristina accompanies me gives me a lot of strength. I'm sure nothing I have to do opposes Cristina, nothing because I know how she thinks, the rest is the ghosts that will rise. I'm the same Alberto Fernández who promised when I questioned Cristina and now that I am approaching Cristina they have become me a demon for them but that is not my problem. It is a problem for those who have to be resolved with a psychologist.

– When Cristina confirmed you, who were you talking to?

– with no one because we did the covenant with Cristina and we told us that the thing died in both of us because it happened on a Wednesday afternoon and Cristina's idea was to do it as she did on Saturday. And we had to spend that Thursday and Friday in silence. They were two very long days to see where I felt very bad with many friends and many colleagues because they talked to me and I had to talk to them as if nothing would happen and things happened, Macri would say.

– Did you hesitate? ] -I replied to him in the act that was willing, but I asked him to think about it, thinking about it. I told her that all conditions were in place for her to be. I said to him, "We did a job for this entire one and a half that put you back in the race" and he had an answer that I really liked, he said, "It's all the work we did that gives me the freedom to do it I'm doing. "And it left me a bit without argument but still said I" think over ". On Thursday we met and I asked him to think again and he said, "We were already talking about it", as if we were saying how many times you want us to talk about it. Last night (Friday) he invited me to his house and showed me what to say.

– After the announcement Felipe Solá and Agustin Rossi [19659009] they were satisfied and they lowered their precandidates Daniel Scioli Daniel Scioli ] is still in the competition, how do you analyze ?

-I think it's perfectly legitimate that he wants to do it. I have a great love for Daniel, I have great respect and we are friends beyond this. Daniel also knows that I was not in my plans to compete with him.

Whoever came out very critically was Eduardo Duhalde who said this was like the song of Herminio Iglesias

] – Said? How shocking! It doesn't matter, I have a great appreciation and I think history has a place of privilege for how he extinguished the fire in 2002 and probably won't have a page for what he just said.

Who called you to say "I'm so happy"?

-They called me many and the truth is that I think many spoke to me with sincerity, honestly, happily, with joy. People in the press, people in politics. I talked to José Luis Gioja talked to Martín Insaurralde talking to Katopodis. The governors came out almost in succession to explain that it was good that they wanted to follow the decision and I celebrated to see them Juan Manzur, I celebrated to see Gustavo Bordet, Rosana Bertone, Domingo Peppo de Chaco, Sergio Casas de La Rioja, Gerardo Zamora from Santiago del Estero. All these leaders were not with us and today they are. For me, all that makes me very happy and gives me great peace.

– Talking about restoring what will happen to Sergio Mass ?

-I have a lot with Sergio and I have tenderness. The decision is Sergios, we have opened all the doors for him to come to participate, so if he wants a step, come and I have an intimate desire that it should happen. We replaced some whatsapp but because my phone didn't end. I hope to talk tomorrow (for today)

-And Roberto Lavagna ?

-With Lavagna I haven't spoken for many years. I have a feeling that this is a non-space. Cristina's growth is directly related to the fact that people decide whether to continue with Macri or create an opposition. And the opposition is Cristina, because it is a two-part thing, the spaces disappear in the middle. It seems that Lavagna is a very skilled man, very skilled, it will be very difficult for him to get there.

– Juan Schiaretti may be in this space?

he reasonably does not want Peronism in Cordoba not to be with us .

– And … there are several.

It would be a great political error. Schiaretti won the election in a huge way, a choice he took to provincialize. There are many voters of Cristina who voted for him, basically because he is a very good governor. I have friendship with many of Cordovan who have done this Cordovan-peronism, there is a lot of experience, there is a lot to contribute, who does not want Gringo and its people to be part of this project, which represents what they represent. I think we are at a time when we do not convince ourselves that the sum of the parties does everything we need, we will have problems. The one who understood it better was Cristina. I regret that others find it difficult to understand. I always say that this unit of unity comes from conviction or departure.

– Departure in what it consists of

– Many have ambitions. They told me "we go but if Cristina is not a candidate" Cristina is not a candidate, but she has her votes. In fact, what they wanted was to give up their promises. I have always told them that it is like playing a game with Barcelona and saying but not putting Messi, repeating the need for them to accept that you cannot do this without Cristina. They didn't understand it, but while they were locked in that discussion, Cristina grew up, grew up.

– They appear in the sectors of the sector themselves that think that Alberto Fernández does not express all firmness Kirchnerism all radicalidad by Cristina what do you say?

– That they have confidence that we in the big postulates have no differences. In any case, I have been very critical of things that happened in the management of Cristina, that she also thought I could be the person

feeling my criticism that I support them to this day. It seems to me that we have to look for synthesis in this space. The readings are many, there are those who say that there is a stage of Nestorism, those who say that moderate Kirchnerism won, the only thing that must win ahead is the commitment to move things forward as we did in 2003 with Néstor. Think that the contest will be with Macri ?

– Yes. I think they are locked in: if Macri is not a candidate, the one who succeeds him will explain to everyone that Macri has failed to renew. But what bothers me the most is who I am facing, what worries me most is that we know what we have to do. – How envisions the relationship with the dominant communication group in Argentina, Clarín considering what they have only been for the past four years?

– It seems to me that what Julio Blanck once called the war wartime is something that Clarín continues to practice today. They don't talk to Cristina, they haven't talked to me for a long time because since I was close to Cristina they got angry with me too. At this time, the Japanese look like they didn't know on an island that the Second War ended. And the truth would be good to stop making the journalism of war and deal with recurring journalism. And since they have this dominant multimedia state, they have double the obligation not to do anything like that. I hope that after a while we can smooth out rough edges so as not to write what we want but because they will understand that Argentina also needs a change of them.

-He called you Hector Magnetto ?

] – I haven't talked to Magnetto since the day I resigned as head of staff.

Everything else is a fantasy. If he called me I would talk and tell you what I am telling you. I hope everyone understands that the time to come must be different. We must stop the madness that was planted during these years

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