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Ahead: the development of the Renault Twingo ZE is ahead and will be presented next year

R Enault was a pioneer in having a wide range of electric vehicles with Twizy, Zoe, Fluence ZE and Kangoo ZE, but with the momentum that many brands took in electrification, the space brand wants to continue as a reference in And that's why he's already working on his next project: the second generation of Kangoo ZE among the tools, a possible RS version of Zoe and the one that concerns us at this time, the future Twingo ZE. [19659002] The launch was originally intended only for 2022, but the managers of the brand decided to take advantage of the available technology and propulsion system and move it two years: thus, the second – or third if we have the electric Twizy ̵

1; citycar of the diamond signature to enter 2020.

Despite its commitment to a successful design that is largely reminiscent of the mythical R5, the current generation of Twingo does not reach the expected success, something that has some attributes to its particular configuration of rear engine and rear wheel drive, which has its origin in Smart ForFour, a vehicle that shares platform and development, and which is part of the alliance between Daimler and Renault – which, as it is rumored, will not stay long anymore –

  electric twing [19659002] That's why, by taking advantage of the fact that Smart already has a 100% electric version, its mechanics and batteries will also a used by Twingo ZE, a game that has a lot of logic and intends to raise sales of citycar del rhombus.

It is worth remembering that the Smart ForFour Electric Drive has an 82 hp propeller associated with a 17.6 kWh battery pack, enough to give it 150 kilometers of autonomy with a single load The same system will be what replicates the galvanic company's model.

In this regard, Ali Kassaï Kouopaï, Head of Product Planning for Renault, said: "Originally, we had planned to launch an electric Twingo, but we saw that there were enough charging stations, so we slowed the development and gave preference to it. new Zoe. The electric Twingo will finally come next year. "

In this way, the brand will add a new member to its electrification strategy as it plans to launch 20 new 100% electrical products and another 12 hybrids by 2022 as part of the plan " Drive the Future . "

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