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Abortion: Débora Plager, Julia Mengolini and Muriel Santa Ana will present the third day of the debate in the deputies

Source: LA NACION – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia

Doctors, lawyers, journalists, actresses and politicians
today reveal decriminalization of

on the third day of the debate on the Commissions on Public Legislation, Criminal Law, Family, Women, Childhood and Youth and Social Action and Public Health of


The Commission's plenary will meet from 10 am.
The speakers who oppose the legalization of the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, proposed by a dozen initiatives that have been promoted in

National Congress
. After a fourth interruption at noon, it will be reversed by those who are decriminalizing abortion.

In the first part of the audience, Dr. Rodolfo Keller, Doctor of Legal Sciences Debora Ranieri, Professors of UCA Juan Bautista Navarro and José María Aguerre, Evelyn Rodríguez and Christian Webber, from Fundación Vida en Familia and Raúl Magnasco, among others Más Vida Foundation.

Weber, from Fundación Vida en Familia, acknowledged that the debate is "historic" for Argentina. "Today, I'm moved to this debate to talk about life since my story, I met my biologist for 20 years. I said," I want you to know that I was looking for you to thank you for not interrupting me. "I responded to something that was enormous to me:" Every day in my life I always thought about you, "he said.

His mother Evelyn Rodríguez, also of the family Villa Regina (Río Negro), then spoke." In the sex education offered, I see lack of emphasis on the value of respect, life, love, family and I am very concerned about the emphasis on youth's sexual rights, taking into account their freedom, their pleasure, pleasure that encourages sexual initiation each time at an early age, "he said. She also said she was" worried "to" overestimate the effectiveness of the use of contraception, the so-called "safe sex". He added: "Every time we have more sex education workshops and more teens, it's obviously something we have to change."

Gustavo Volpe, from non-governmental organizations Rosario Pro Vida, thought it was one of those momentum moments in the country. "Inexplicably, we are analyzing a bill that allows us to kill people in pregnancy," he said at the beginning of his speech. "I wonder how man can believe abortion is a solution, the right to life is not negotiated because it is the first right," he said.

Source: LA NACION – Credit: Emiliano Lasalvia

Source: NATIONAL – Credits: Emiliano Lasalvia

Then, those who are positive to the initiative: journalists
Débora Plager and
Julia Mengolini Actress Muriel Santa Ana, Senator's mandate was met
María Eugenia Estenssoro The legislature of Parlasur
María Luisa Storani Leader of Pro Eva Gutiérrez, Student Leader Brenda Hamilton and Doctor of Buenos Aires Health Ministry Fabián Portnoy, among others.

Deputy Deputy
Daniel Lipovetzky, President of the Commission's General Legislation, is the moderator of the discussion.

With information from the agency Télam

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