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A study revealed what is the best time in life to lose weight

October 19, 2019 5:18 AM

A scientific study explained the relationship between weight and each phase of life and the consequences of waiting long to try to lose weight.

A study revealed the best time in life to lose weight.

obesity growth and obesity are presented with all alarming numbers and are equally alarming to all countries in the world. [1 9659005] According to the latest figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 1.9 billion adults are overweight and more than 650 million are overweight.

As if that was not enough, the increase in numbers does not seem to end, leaving serious consequences for human health.

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It is known that obesity is a chronic disease and among its causes, specialists show a list of several factors . However, there are two main ones. One of them is intake of calorie foods in very large parts and the other is the lack of physical activity.

To combat that, it is important to make lifestyle changes; improve the eating pattern and at the same time adopt normal physical activity with minor changes in everyday life.

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However, reversing the image is not as simple as it seems. A study published in the academic journal BMJ revealed the risks of suffering from stable obesity in adulthood, as well as gaining weight from young to mid adulthood weight from middle to late adulthood .

In this regard, researchers explain that to maintain normal weight in adulthood is important to to avoid premature deaths in adulthood.

The data comes from a study conducted in the United States on the relationship between weight change in adulthood and mortality. A total of 36051 people from the age of 40 participated.

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In this regard, the study revealed that people who remained Overweight – measured by the body mass index – during their adult life had the highest risk of premature death.

On the other hand, the weight gain from the mid-20s to the middle of life was associated with an increased risk of mortality compared to people who maintained their normal weight throughout their lives. However, weight loss in the median and older ages was significantly related to an increased risk of mortality.

"Our study provides evidence to maintain normal weight in adulthood, especially to prevent weight gain in early adulthood, it is important to prevent premature death in adulthood," says An Pan, the researcher responsible for the study by

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And continued: "Our conclusion is that it is better to prevent the increase in weight at earlier ages to reduce the risk of premature death later in life. "

To determine if a person is overweight or not, use body mass index (BMI), which is calculated by dividing the weight in kg per square of the height in meters (BMI = weight (Kg) / height (m²)). index is equal to or greater than 30, it is considered overweight.

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