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A Brazilian medical student died of carbon monoxide

A young medical student of Brazilian nationality was apparently killed this Friday night as a result of inhaling carbon monoxide in the apartment he lived in at 3500 Urquiza Street. The victim is 19-year-old Jonathan Fannduel Silva.

According to information from the Prosecutor’s Office (MPA), he was found by his friends who went to visit him in the apartment, and when they did not attend, they entered the house through his means. The first indications and studies indicate that the cause of death was due to carbon monoxide inhalation. In the house were the burning kitchen stoves that would have been used to heat the place, while the air inlets were closed.

At night, Wreriaful Homicide Unit, Valeria Piazza, was notified, which arranged for the body to be sent to the Legal Medical Institute for an autopsy. In addition, an accident cabinet, photographic expertise, mapping of the scene and taking testimony from neighbors were requested.

This person was identified as a medical student, a native of Brazil.

Volunteer firefighters and staff at Police Station 7 intervened because of jurisdiction.

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