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Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s children vaccinated?

It’s hard to imagine Kanye West saying anything that really shocks anyone these days. After all, the hip hop artist and fashion mogul has surprised the world with his comment so many times that you would think we would be immune now.

But his latest statement that he will be participating in the president – which is not even his first statement of ambition – has really caught people’s attention. If jumping to the highest political race in the country four months before the election at an extremely divided time was not shocking enough, West followed up the message with comments that left people scratching their heads even more.

One of these comments has fans wondering about his family̵

7;s health and safety. Are Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West’s four children particularly vaccinated?

Kanye West has a history of politically charged statements

Never anyone to worry about people-pleasing, West has spent much of his public life causing a movement with political commentary.

Years ago, West jumped from a future rapper to a global headline when he famously declared on live television that then-President George Bush did not care about black people. In time, West’s public political comments would add a bizarre equation that has made critics wonder what exactly, the artist believes.

He was once a big supporter of Donald Trump, and while making comments about Bush’s lack of attention on black causes, he also called slavery a choice. His political hires often left people around him uncomfortable and confused.

So far as he is politically aligned these days, he has condemned his past support for Trump – now his presidency rival – and has declared that he will attend office during the “birthday party”, refusing to associate with all major or minor political parties in the country.

Following up on the announcement caused more confusion

Kanye West
Kanye West | David Becker / Getty Images

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Of course, the West got the attention of the people when he claimed that he would take part in the presidency and Forbes reached out to learn more. West, who originally announced his candidacy via social media, was happy to provide all kinds of insight into his personal and political inclinations.

The reporter answered questions about what Forbes calls “four talking hours interview” via text. Since then, the mogul has deleted his Instagram and Twitter accounts, so it’s reasonable to assume he’s now in a less forward mood.

Before the shutdown, however, West opened up about everything from his views on Planned Parenthood (he’s against it) to his White House organizational model (it will be Black Panther’s Wakanda).

Among the details revealed, West stated that he is known to be vaccinated. “There are so many of our children being vaccinated and paralyzed,” the rapper wrote.

As for a potential vaccine against the deadly virus COVID-19, West explained that he was skeptical of it and called it “the animal’s mark.”

He said: “There are so many of our children being vaccinated and paralyzed. … So when they say we should fix COVID’s with a vaccine, I’m extremely careful. … They want to put chips into us, they want to do all kinds of things to do that where we can’t cross the gates of heaven. I’m sorry when I say they, the people who have the devil in them. And the sad thing is, the saddest thing is that we all don’t get to heaven, that there will be some of us who can’t. “

Fans wonder about Kanye West’s children

Further puzzling to those who have read West’s comments about vaccines is the fact that his wife, Kim Kardashian West, has been in support of vaccines.

According to Insider, 2013 section of KUWTK introduced Kardashian, who took all of his children to receive Tdap vaccine, a vaccine that helps protect against several diseases, including whooping cough.

In the episode, one of the Kardashian West’s sisters expressed concern about getting the vaccine, and the doctor informed her that she would not be allowed around baby North per Kim Kardashian West’s request if she was not fully protected by vaccination.

Whether Kardashian’s attitude has changed to better adapt to her controversial husband in the years since the episode, there is no real way to know. However, Kardashian has publicly distanced himself from her husband’s political views in the past, and it seems quite possible that this will be the case here as well.

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