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Apple’s surprising MacBook Air decision

With Apple paying more attention to MacOS now that the move to ARM is underway, details of the new Mac hardware are coming out, and there are some interesting features coming next year.

Comprehensive details on the updated hardware plans come from J Glenn Kunzler at SonnyDickson.com and focus on the benefits of ARM:

“It’s like this: Even at this early stage, Apple already knows for sure that their existing A12Z chip (or a slightly modified modification thereof) works brilliantly like the Mac Mini. The first benchmarks we know of in their Developer Transition Kit already show impressive performance, even running under Rosetta rather than native on the machine. “

An expected change in front of the house is the MacBook Air. Apple’s once revolutionary laptop will end with Intel.

Apple’s move from Intel is driven by many small advantages, not least the tighter integration between software and hardware. ARM has previously been considered a lack of Intel. With Windows 10 on Microsoft’s ARM-powered Surface Pro X, it is obvious that a turning point has been reached and the ARM architecture can match the x86 platform Intel prefers.

And the initial benchmarking of Apple’s ARM-powered Mac Mini development suite shows that it beats the aforementioned Surface Pro X and offers similar performance as low- and mid-level Intel hardware. Which gets the MacBook Air in sharp focus on the chopping block.

As many have noted, the design of the 13-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air machines launched earlier this year is incredibly similar. There are differences in chipsets so the MacBook Air is a little lower on power compared to the more expensive Pro machine, but if you blurred the names Apple has its classic “good / better / best” triplet with MacBook Air, MacBook Pro with 8th Intel and MacBook Pro generation with the tenth generation Intel.

Do you still need “Air” identifiers? Kunzler once again:

… what we’ve heard, and which again is very meaningful, is that Apple, in the future, will offer only a single line of notebooks, which will simply be called “The New MacBook”, or just “MacBook”. “

The most recent use of a standalone “MacBook” in the MacOS laptop range was for the named lightweight and fanless computer, a retina screen and a smaller footprint for the MacBook Air. Now look at these ARM benefits again. Powerful chips suitable for a mid-range laptop … less cooling required … more efficient use of power to extend battery life.

It is attached to all boxes. And from the marketing standpoint, Apple needs a strong statement of intent that MacOS and MacBook will thrive under the ARM brands. The strong statement required is to leave behind “Air” to represent the historically lightweight Intel and move forward with the monolithic “MacBook” for the future.

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