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Apple TV Plus "Watch Task costs almost $ 15 million per episode

The already crowded streaming market is on the verge of getting some new competitors, with Apple TV Plus, Disney +, HBO Max and more switching to meet more established players like Netflix and Hulu. These companies are willing to rinse out some big money to try to compete, with Apple actually spending almost $ 15 million per episode on See According to a report in Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal

To put that number in perspective, Thronespel ̵

1; probably the most expensive TV show yet – took eight seasons to work up to a $ 15 million per episode budget. Apple begins See at a similar cost, which feels like a pretty big bet to place on a brand new sci-fi series, even one with the star power of Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard behind it. See set in a post-apocalyptic future where all humanity is blind.

Disney's Upcoming Series Mandalorian was expected to cost about $ 10 million per episode, but WSJ & # 39; s report notes that it has also seen costs close to $ 15 million per episode.

These figures are indeed indicators of what the sky-clearing cost of trying to capture CGI in Hollywood and Coble's spectacle on a TV show has become. But they also highlight how important companies like Apple and Disney feel their streaming services will be to their overall business models because they are willing to cover so much money in advance to win the market. All that is left now is to see if these shows are actually good – and if they are enough to keep these services afloat.

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