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Apple spends $ 150 million a year on United flights, Shanghai is No. 1 destination

A couple of promoters created by United Airlines to practice their various business relationships with big name companies reveal one caressing in Apple's global business, with the technology giant usually spending about $ 150 million each year on employee flights.


Source: LAFlyer via Twitter

Signage, spotted by LAFlyer, who is appearing at United's terminal at the San Francisco International Airport, skips off the point for many Apple-bought flights. SFO earns accommodation and many technical companies working in the Bay Area and is less than an hour's drive from both Apple's One Infinite Loop and Apple Park's headquarters.

Generates $ 150 million in annual revenue, Apple represents Un ited's largest global account. Others on the list, including Facebook, Roche and Google, are credited as contributing "over $ 34 million" a year in revenue to United's bottom line.

Interestingly, the airline is focused on Apple's operations and notes Shanghai as the company's most important market. More sparingly, Apple spends $ 35 million on flights from San Francisco to Shanghai Pudong International Airport – an average of 50 business class chairs every day – equivalent to one-quarter of its annual spending with United.

Shanghai serves as an important hub for many regional airports in China, many of which are close to Apple's many partner suppliers across the country.

Outside Shanghai, Apple's top ten destinations are respectively Hong Kong, Taipei, London, South Korea, Singapore, Munich, Tokyo, Beijing and Israel. Apple can, as you might expect, have offices or deal with vendors based on each of these sites.

Although the promotional material is designed to give confidence in United's business, it also provides valuable insights into Apple's behind-the-scenes business beyond information contained in quarterly performance reports and other public information.

It should be noted that United States statistics relate mainly to San Francisco operations. Thousands of Apple employees are stationed at other US campuses, such as Texas and North Carolina facilities, and are likely to rely on United for their business travelers.

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