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Apple shares are more likely to be damaged by Trump than Xi

CNBC's Jim Cramer on Wednesday said the biggest concern for Apple shareholders should be about what President Donald Trump is doing next in the US and China trade war.

"I actually think it is more likely that President Trump hurts more than" China's President Xi Jinping claimed Cramer on "Squawk on the Street". Adding a next round of customs duties on Chinese imports could really beat Apple.

Trump has threatened to charge an additional $ 300 billion in Chinese goods, effectively the rest of China's imports into the United States after raising tariffs last month of $ 200 billion of Chinese goods already penalized.

On Tuesday, Trump told CNBC in an interview that if Xi did not attend the G-20 meeting later this month, he would pull the trigger on these surcharges.

So far, Apple believes it has protected itself from any immediate impact of the escalating trade between the United States and China and economy IC disputes.

"The Chinese have not targeted Apple at all, and I do not anticipate what happens to be honest," said Apple manager Tim Cook in an interview with CBS News earlier this month. Although Cook acknowledged that more duties could result in the sale being damaged, he said he did not "foresee that happening".

On Wednesday, Cramer encouraged investors not to sell their shares in Apple but said he understood that he would gain profits by storing up 1

0% this month and ghosts of trading as an overhang.

"I think you can own it." Do not shop it, "said the" Mad Money "values." But I clearly understand why someone might say, "This has been good, I'm done." " a six-winning stroke.

In June, from Tuesday's end, Nasdaq increased almost 5%, with the Apple stock being strengthened twice so since the last trading day in May.

Apple, along with the technology store largely, fought in the May market, which saw Nasdaq lose 8.4%, in its worst monthly performance since December 2018.

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