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Apple plans to fund the creation of exclusive original podcasts – TechCrunch

Apple is said to plan to bankroll the creation of original third-party podcasts that it will offer exclusively on its own streaming services, Bloomberg reports. The report says Apple's plans to land podcast exclusive will help the company compete with similar offerings from streaming rivals, including Spotify and Sticher, both of which fund exclusive podcast content and in some cases completely original that they run on their own streaming audio offers.

The report says Apple-execs have reached out to media companies that produce audio content to talk about the ability to purchase exclusive rights to certain podcasts, though in a preliminary manner, suggesting that this plan may be in the very early stages . Therefore, it seems unlikely that we would see any kind of Apple exclusive original podcast content ahead of other media efforts that will soon be launched from the company, including its Apple TV + subscription video service coming in the fall.

Apple has recently made a number of enhancements to its podcast product offerings, both on the consumer and creator side, including more detailed analysis for podcasters and a full-featured standalone podcast app for its macOS computers, launched alongside MacOS Catalina this fall. . However, it has to a large extent been hands-off in terms of content, besides informal meeting with podcasters sometimes and sharing best practices.

Meanwhile, Spotify has been particularly aggressive in getting its own podcast media companies, including Gimlet, making popular podcast "Reply All"; Anchor, which creates podcast manufacturing tools for publishing and revenue generation. and Parcast, another podcast creation network with a deep library of true life and other content.

Apple still has a large majority of audiences in overall podcast listeners of all accounts, but Spotify definitely cuts off by focusing effort and investment on both the product and content side. Apple is considering funding its content is clearly meaningful given its tactics in video and the changing landscape of the podcast business.

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