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Apple makes integrity extremely relatable in a fun new iPhone ad

Privacy has long been a value to Apple, who has been hammered by Steve Jobs a decade ago and built into Apple's software, something that can't be said for many other tech companies. But the promotion of privacy as a product function can be difficult. How do you show it?

Apple's latest iPhone ad tackles this challenge on its head and connects the integrity to the iPhone in the most related ways than – as a public bathroom label.

The new video carries the same bright tone as Apple's other latest iPhone spots. Remember "Do you just have my kid's bokeh?" And its follow-up? This time, we see only the iPhone at the beginning and end, surrounded by the message: "Privacy. It's iPhone." no intrusion signs and evil guard dogs to protect our property, pause a private conversation or swallow a secret note from a classmate to avoid others who receive the message and shred personal information so as not to leave traces for identity thieves.

The most extremely changing integrity in parallel? Locks the bathroom door or may not be next to that person when you can stand there instead. If you instinctively or uniquely see yourself in these personal privacy situations, Apple's message is that the iPhone also supports keeping your personal information private.

Apple has a whole site dedicated to explaining how it keeps user data secure at apple.com/privacy, ranging from end-to-end encryption between iMessage sender and recipient to Apple's use of differential privacy and user data encryption for to make the products smarter. We also saw that Apple is spending real ad money on its privacy notice earlier this year at CES 201

9, when it was played by the old Las Vegas tagline to declare "What's happening on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone."

"Privacy is important. It should be important for the phone your life is on." The Cue Apple logo turns Face ID lock.

Check out the new iPhone campaign at YouTube.com/Apple or below:


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