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Apple iOS 13.1.3 causes serious new iPhone errors

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It's no secret that Apple iOS 13 is a disaster zone even after a fourth rushed update landed last week, many problems remain (with some potentially dangerous .) And now owners of Apple's latest iPhones are also badly affected. & Nbsp;

Thanks to some great detective work by wccftech we know that a serious issue in iOS 13.1.3 causes the new Ultra Wideband U1 chip in iPhone 11 series to fail In addition, some devices cannot be repaired and the owners report that Apple must replace [19659005] his phones . & nbsp;

What a Ffected user sees shortly after the update is a popup warning: “Ultra Wideband Update Failed. Your iPhone cannot use the Ultrawide band until it has been updated. "Apple has quietly adopted a certain degree of scale since it has set up a dedicated support page that gives a similar recommendation. But both messages contain a level of duplicity because there is no publicly available update beyond iOS 13.1.3 and the latest beta version of iOS 13.2 not only fails to resolve the issue, it actively causes it for some:

"I get it also on [iOS] 13.2b3 "- source

" Also get error message: "ULTRA WIDEBAND UPDATE FAILED". Had this with iOS 13.2 public beta 2, and today I still have it after update to public beta 3. Is it a software problem, or is my phone hardware broken? "- source

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Besides those who have taken their iPhones to an Apple Store have seen Apple identify the problem as a hardware problem that a) is an extreme consequence of a software update, and b) not something that could not be fixed with software. & nbsp;

"I had to go to Apple store and they made the diagnosis and confirmed that it was hardware issued and replaced with a new device. "- source

" I had sent the phone logs to them, it was escalated and reviewed and turns out it was a hardware failure (I do not have the details) but since it is a new phone [I’m] it was exchanged for a new phone "- sourc e

" My 11 Pro Max had it too. AirDrop did not work to send, but could receive. Resetting and installing as new couldn't solve the problem. Visited the Apple Store yesterday and came back / replaced. "- source

" Same here. Just updated to 13.1.3 and got this bug for the first time. Guess I'll go to the store tomorrow. "- source

" Received the same message after the 13.1.3 update last night. Appears like a software problem to me. All those people who have the same hardware failure after the iOS 13 updates? Weird. ”- source

Equally strange are isolated reports from some users who experienced it before iOS 13.1.3 . Given the increase in reports, do new iOS 13 updates really aggravate this? The good news is a DFU reset has done the trick for a handful of users but with Apple actively replacing phones, it's clear that not everyone. & Nbsp;

I have reached out to Apple for more information and will update this post when / if I get a response. & Nbsp;

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