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Apple gives you a sneak peek of iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 now

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Apple is releasing major new software updates this fall for iPhones and iPads, and now you can download the versions of them for a test run. Apple̵

7;s new iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 public beets can be installed for free on all new devices, but be warned, there are bugs.

Apple unveiled its new software in June at its Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC, which was held entirely online this year due to coronavirus pandemic. Although Apple employees were forced to work remotely to avoid the spread of the virus, the company said they were fixing up new features that have long been requested by users and available on competing phones powered by Google’s Android software. These features include adding small widget programs on the home screen, the ability to change default email and browser programs, and picture-in-video for iPhone while using other apps.

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“We’re making it even more powerful and easier to use,” said Apple’s program manager, Craig Federighi, as he announced the new software. “This year we spent time thinking about some of the most iconic parts of the iPhone experience.”

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While the new features are fun to try, these public beets are not intended for everyday use. The company often reminds people who download the software that it may contain errors, that it may suddenly stop working and that it may lose your data. Apple recommends the adventurous people who still want to use it to install beta software on a device that is not “business critical”.

Apple’s public beets for iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 aren’t the only software the company plans to make available for its fall releases. Apple also plans to offer its first public beetles for the new WatchOS software for its Apple Watches and MacOS Big Sur for their desktops and later this month. The software can be downloaded from Apple’s dedicated beta site and will run on iPhone 6S (2015) and up, iPad Air 2 (2014) and Apple Watch Series 3 (2017) and up.

Here are all the biggest changes coming to iOS and iPadOS so far.

iOS 14

Apple’s iOS 14 for its iPhone and iPod Touch (yup, those that still exist) focused on adding features that people have been asking the company to add for years, as well as refinements to make it easier to use. Aside from widgets, the ability to change standard apps and picture-in-picture, Apple also adds bike directions and EV routing to Apple Maps and a live translation app that helps people speak in 11 languages. The iPhone will also soon be used as a car key for new vehicles, beginning with this year’s BMW 5 Series.

The company also made its existing apps easier to use. For example, its Siri voice assistant no longer takes up the entire screen when you make a request. The company made their messages easier to navigate, allowing people to “pin” chats to the top of the app to find them more easily. And in group chats, Apple now allows people to create threaded responses, just like other popular business chat apps like Slack and Microsoft’s team.


Another home screen.


Apple also said they want to help small businesses build and market apps for their customers, with a new feature called App Clips. This new code lets companies print a QR code-like image that people can scan with their phones and get a small interactive part of the company’s app on their phone. Apple also worked with Yelp to allow companies to create special apps for their businesses without much coding. The feature is similar to Google’s existing Android instant apps.

The company will also include new privacy features, including a warning at the top of the screen when an app uses the microphone or camera, and a list of recent apps.

But perhaps the most popular feature may be how phone calls work. Now that someone is calling an iPhone running iOS 14, the call no longer takes over the entire screen and kicks you out of a game or a fun read. Instead, phone calls will appear as a notification at the top of the screen, which people can turn to ignore.


Apple wants to make notes easier on iPad.


iPadOS 14

Many of Apple’s iOS enhancements also come to the iPad, including the improved map app, message changes and less annoying calls.

However, Apple announced some iPad-specific features, including a new “doodle” technology that recognizes handwriting from notes taken with the Apple Pencil on screen. People will now be able to cut, copy and paste the text into their handwriting as usual type text in other apps.

The iPad’s search bar also gets an update, making it less intrusive and more similar to its MacOS cousin, which searches for apps, the web and inside documents.

WatchOS 7 and MacOS Big Sur

Apple’s public beets for the latest Apple Watch and Mac software won’t be out until later this month, but when they do, they’ll also include some new features.

WatchOS 7include for example ability to track dance training, which Apple said requires special programs that understand how the wrist-worn device changes position during different movements. Apple Watch also includes a new sleep tracking feature, which uses its sensors in a different way to track how healthy or restless you sleep all night.

People will also be able to share the clock faces They have created with each other and opened the door for companies to offer specialized watches as well.

Apple Big Sur mudguard

Apple’s next version of MacOS is called Big Sur.

Screenshot of Stephen Shankland / CNET

The company also included a new feature that helps fight the coronavirus pandemic, which helps people wash their hands with a countdown and on-wrist taps to remind people of how long they should scrub.

MacOS Big Surmeanwhile, get many features similar to those in iOS 14, including the updated maps, the translation app, and the refined messaging features. The company also makes the devices running macOS look more like iPhones and iPads, to a similar look to the setup feature.

Apple plans to release its new software this fall, along with an expected new iPhone with a different look and 5G wireless network. Apple also said it will start offering new computers powered by chips it designed, a move away from manufacturing giant Intel, whose microprocessors have been running Macs since 2006.

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