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Apex Legends leak reveals how Campfire LTM will work

A new Apex Legends Limited Mode (LTM) is underway and leaked game files have suggested that it will be based around ‘Campfires’ as part of the ongoing Lost Treasures Event.

The Lost Treasures event introduced many changes, after it was released on June 23, with Crypto̵

7;s chart room, Mirages Heirloom set and more added to Apex Legends.

The return of the “Armed and Dangerous Evolution” game mode was another change seen during the in-game event, but Respawn appears to be introducing a brand new LTM soon, according to a handful of leaked game files.

Apex Legends character skin
Respawn Entertainment / EA

The Lost Treasures event has introduced some new cosmetics and modes for Apex Legends.

While it was previously leaked that a new “Campfire” LTM was in the works along with the return of the classic Shadowfall playlist, the new mode could arrive sooner than expected.

Prominent data processor shrugtal, which originally leaked the upcoming playlist, shared even more Campfire LTM details on July 10, giving players an idea of ​​what to expect.

The Apex leaker explained that these campfires would work the same way as the cozy campfires seen in Fortnite, so you can restore any missing shields or health when you are nearby.


“The camp fires will be scattered around the map,” he explained, “there were probably much smaller healing items on the floor, similar to how it was in armed and dangerous, and you will be forced to use these camp fires to heal and refill shields.”

Shrugtal also revealed an early look at the campfires, which closely resemble Respawn Beacons and later explained that they would take the place of Respawn Beacons in the game and would provide AoE healing for the players

He also added that it is possible that the upcoming LTM can be played on Kings Canyon’s After Dark map and emphasized that the “bright glowing” camp fires would be highlighted on HUD, making them easy to find in any environment.

Although it is unclear when exactly this new game mode could be released, Shrugtal revealed game files suggesting that Campfire LTM was intended to be released during the Lost Treasures event, which is now over. The doctor now estimates that it will probably be seen during the summer hall on July 21.

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