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Apex Legends is primed to be the next big esport

Apex Legends is the hottest game of the moment and skyrocketing to 50 million registered players during their first month. Its combination of lightning-fast action and squad-focused gameplay has made it not only a popular game to play, but also an exciting man to watch. Apex regularly dominates the Twitch charts, often top support Fortnite . So it's no surprise that Apex Legends is priming to become the next big e-sport.

Over the past few weeks, established e-sports teams have been slowly assembling Apex Legends squads. In particular, in the last week there have been numerous messages. TSM, 1

00 Thieves, Gen.G and NRG have all added the whole Apex team or individual players in recent days. One of the more surprising movements saw the deserved e-sports organization Team Liquid moving its Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 "blackout" over to Apex .

"There was no interest from devs to host events or focus on any e-sport related to" blackout "," Liquid Player Tanner "Rogue" Trebb said about the decision. "It was mostly only third parties who did things on their own and supported the scene. Dev devs never said anything, they hadn't shown any interest, so when Apex Legends came out and Respawn came out and said they would support the e-sports scene, most of the competing "blackout" players would switch. "In fact, most of the players moving to high level Apex games come from other games. Gen.G's new Apex squad has two previous Overwatch League pros and a long-standing Team Fortress 2 player. 100 Thieves Apex teams include players with backgrounds in Overwatch Destiny and H1Z1 and H1Z1 . TSM also has a team of players from the current Pro League.

Apex developer Respawn has said it plans to support e-sports ahead, even though we don't have many specifics yet, and the game clearly has an audience on Twitch. It is not clear that these teams will be financially profitable. Unlike the royal games of other games, such as PUBG and Fortnite there is currently no tournament structure or professional league. In fact, teams didn't really get serious about signing Fortnite players until after Epic pledged $ 100 million for tournament pots, including $ 30 million Fortnite World Cup in July. Apart from a couple of Twitch Rivals tournaments right after the launch, there has been no major Apex Legends competition.

For Apex Legends is the rise of new player signatures, one bet that the game – and the genre as a whole – will keep the power of the competing scene. "The Battle Royale genre is not a flash in the forehead – it has proved to be a hit from H1Z1 to Fortnite to Apex Legends ," 100 Thieves founder and CEO Matthew "Nadeshot" The Hague said in a statement. "We want to work with the best players in the world and help them reach new heights in their careers. 100 thieves have been committed long-term to fight royally."

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