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Apex Legends Battle Pass Season 1 Details: Patch Notes, Octane, Price and more

The most significant update to the Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment's wildly popular game royal game, Apex Legends, has finally come on all systems. Season 1 update is now live on PS4, Xbox One and PC on March 19, which results in both a stroke and the first new character since the game was launched in early February.

The most important part of season 1 is the release of a new playable character Legend, Octane. But despite what you might have expected, Octane is not part of Battle Pass – he simply releases it. You can buy him and Battle Pass individually, which is good news if you just care about one or the other. There is much more to know about the new patch and Battle Pass, as this is the very first, so read on for everything that is new and how it works.

Patch Notes

Actually kicking off Season 1

is the new update that is now available. Respawn has shared the entire list of patches, which is more extensive than simply adding the combat passport and octane. To begin with, the earlier promised hitbox changes introduce, which would make more characters more profitable than before. It also adds a new reporting feature to cheaters, improved reporting for when the game crashes on the computer, and various other tweaks and quality of life improvements.

Skins, rewards and what is included in Battle Pass [19659004] In Respawn's year – a roadmap for the battle passes, it stated that all four year's battle passes will include new weapons and loot as exclusive cosmetics, and at least a new legend -character. Each beat will contain 100 rewards: skins for characters and weapons, state tracker, Apex Coins and more. You can see all the fighting games and rewards here.

For season 1, anyone who plays during the season can serve Wild Frontier skin, five Apex Packs and 18 Wild Frontier state tracers. Those who buy the passport can also get lots more loot, including immediate borrowing of Lifeline Revolutionary Skin, Wraith Survivor Skin and Mirage Outlaw Skin. This is done by leveling the combat pass with XP; There are no Fortnite-style challenges here, even though Respawn's statements suggest they may come in the future.

Among the rewards you can earn by leveling up the combat pass is Apex Coins – if you make it to level 97, you can actually earn 1000 coins so you can buy the next match without spending extra money.

As for the new weapons and objects in the roadmap, Respawn does not share any plans to introduce them at the beginning of season 1. That does not mean that March 19 will not have any surprises in the store for us, but it may be that weapons and items will be introduced through later updates, much like how we got the new Havoc weapon apparently out of nowhere.

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Respawn will offer two levels of the combat fee. For the 950 Apex Coins (about $ 10 / £ 8), you can get the normal combat pass and start grinding away to earn your rewards. For 2800 Apex Coins you can buy a Battle Pass Bundle, which gives you the first 25 levels directly.

If you are on Xbox One or PC, you may be able to pass the battle to cheaper ones. Subscribe to EA Access or Origin Access gives you some free rewards on each platform, including 1000 Apex Coins. Because one month of these services is cheaper than buying 1000 Apex Coins (the minimum amount covering the cost of the combat pass), subscribing to one month and then canceling will save you some money and get you other benefits and benefits. And, as mentioned above, you will be able to buy a future battle pass with Apex Coins achieved by leveling it up here.

How it works

The first Battle Pass is centered around XP and smoothing – you won't find any challenges here, as some had speculated. In a blog post explaining the philosophy behind his approach, Respawn explained: "Season 1 is about keeping it focused and letting players win a lot of rewards at a great value (you even get the cost of the Battle Pass base back if you reach level 97) "We are starting to add more and more innovations every season when we develop Battle Pass."

In a post on Reddit, Respawn explained, "Basically, there are now two progression paths – Player Level and Battle Pass Pass Level. Battle Pass Level is deserved in the same way as Player Level – by playing the game a serving XP, with some BP-only bonuses. Both tracks are separate and independent – so two rewards tracks! "

You can read more about how Battle Passports work in our declarant.

New character, octane

The new seasonal character is Octavio "Octane" Silva, who lost his legs in a quick run. He has an Adrenaline Junkie ability that is health for speed, and he has unlimited Stim Health supplies. His Ultimate Ability is a Start Pad that gives him and his teammates a serious boost. You can read all about octane's abilities in our overview.

Octan was released along the battle pass but is a separate purchase. He will cost the same as other buyable characters Mirage and Caustic – 12,000 Legend Tokens or 750 Apex Coins.

Respawn drew its Ultimate ability by throwing launch plates around the game map in the days prior to the announcement. We can probably expect similar theater players to come to subsequent signs in the coming seasons.

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Respawn confirmed that the leak of octane was legitimate. That being said, data mining has revealed several other possible legends, and these are much less secure. Respawn seemed to take up these alleged leaks in his statement as well.

"There are things that are very old, or things we have tried in the past and cut – remember that our design process is to prototype and play lots of ideas – and some of it can be things we still build for Apex Legends, says community manager Jay Frechette. "Finding these things does not at all confirm that it ever comes out. At best, you should treat some posts about this as the rumor and the real information comes from us when we are ready to showcase what's coming next. "[19659028]
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