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AOC goes out on the census issue, Kris Kobach blasts: "Has a resumption of voter suppression"

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y. on Wednesday, the Democrats' decision to bring actions relating to President Trump's census proposal and blast the administration's lack of cooperation over a matter she said had a history of "racism".

"What do we get?" Stonewalling, obstruction, we get a lack of answers! "she said during a hearing of the chamber's monitoring committee. Ocasio-Cortez demanded answers as to why people like former white house advisor Steve Bannon and Kris Kobach had" their fingerprints and political intent over the entire US census. "

" corruption, I want to know about racism, "she said, her remarks, which then appear in a tweet by MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin, which Ocasio-Cortez then retweeted.

She also accused Kobach of voter suppression.


Trump's proposed question led to setbacks by Democrats since he proposed it in early 201

8. Question of Citizenship, Democrats has claimed, would help Republicans get political power and skewed population estimates needed to target federal money.

When the decision was made For a challenge in court, the news emerged that a now-deceased republican strategist raised the question of statin G that it would help Republicans selectable.

The House Monitoring Committee demanded documents related to the decision, but the administration blocked this request by executive privilege, which led to house democrats considering holding the Secretary of State Secretary. Ross in contempt.

"I want to know why this issue was magically added," said Ocasio-Cortez on Wednesday, "after we have seen that a political operator knew and detailed an intention to intimidate racial and immigrant communities for a partisan purpose." [19659003] FEDERAL JUDGE BARS TRUMP ADMINISTRATION FROM CITIZENSHIP PROCESSING TO 2020 CENSUS

She also criticized the administration for appearing to cut down how much time it took to know a census profile – a process she said was going to take Five years 19659003] "It is not about whether I want to know who is a citizen of the United States or not," she said. "What I want to know is why this issue has been added, why two years have been shaved away from the five-year process . "


When the trade department initially announced the issue, it portrayed it a long-term practice that ended in 1950 and one ways to help maintain voting rights.

Several federal courts have already blocked the issue, but it can get support from the Supreme Court. Conservative justice signaled in April that they could support the administration's decision, stay silent while left-wing justices pressed the government on the reasoning behind the issue additions.

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