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"Ant-Man and Wasp" Trailer Shows Marvel's Future

Although the sequel will not have the scope of Avengers: Infinity War, it is the foundation that the studio could mine for several years.

Tuesday's trailer for Ant-Man and Wasp may point to a much smaller scale than the audience recently witnessed in Avengers: Infinity War but that does not mean that the next entry into Marvel Cinematic Universe will not take any big ideas. The film is a necessary release from gloom and the verdict of the Thanos cosmic balance sheet, but Ant-Man and Wasp have their fair share of heavy lifting to do when it comes to launching Marvel in a new kingdom.

Peyton Reed returns to guide the sequel to his 2015 film, which saw former Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) who joined SHIELD inventor and adventurer Hank Pym (Michael Douglas) and his relieved daughter Hope (Evangeline Lilly ) to recycle Piem's ​​businesses using shrink technology and the ability to communicate with ants. The first film was plagued by preproduction problems that saw fan-favorite director Edgar Wright away from what had been a passion project for almost a decade. Although the fans went in, with some believing that Ant-Man could be Marvel Studio's first critical and financial disappointment, the film went to $ 51

9.3 million on a $ 142 budget. While Ant-Man did not completely broke out in the same way as Marvel's second prelude to more incredible comic territory, The Guardian of the Galaxy is safe to say Ant- Man did and impact. Along with appearance in Captain America: Civil War while not serving the story, one of the most talked about the moments in the film with Lang became Giant-Man, if only briefly. In his recent adventure, rumored not to take place long after his appearance in Captain America: Civil War and before Infinity War Ant-Man is up with Hope Pym, who now has assumed a secret identity of its own as Wasp.

If Wasp is not already attracted enough, this sequel seems to show a more kinetic style from the movie director. While the first Ant-Man felt like trying to follow Marvel's house style, especially when comparing the style with Wrights, this teaser shows a more dynamic visual style and a kinetic mode of action. With this newfound energy, a new contest on the classic Iron Man villain, and a story that apparently will rely on the consequences of Long's actions in the first film and Civil War Ant-Man and Wasp has all the possibilities for a movie that will surpass its predecessor in every way.

Scott Lang's choice of pages in Civil War was an odd one. For a character that until then relied on using his novel ability so that his daughter could see him as a hero, it seemed unfair for him to take Captain America's side and risk being detained and labeled as a terrorist. It seems that Reed's film will deal with this issue directly with the trailer that Lang has given up as Ant Man until some events force him to match again. It will be interesting to see how this decision will affect his relationship with his daughter, who seems to have her own patterns of becoming superhero. Comic fans will know that Cassie Lang (Abby Ryder Fortson) eventually fits up as Young Avenger called Stinger, Formal Stature. And while we talk about the relationship between fathers and daughters, look no further than the movie's central image: The Wasp.

Many thought Evangeline Lilly's Hope Pym did not get her because of the first movie, and if this latest trailer proves anything, her trip is as important as Scott, if not more. Much of the trailer is focused on Wasp's unique abilities and fights – "she seems more intense," said Scott. There seems to be no reservation to make Wasp the cooler character of the couple, even though her name is not first in the title. Her relationship with her father seems to have evolved from the first film, with the oldest Pym no longer doubting her daughter's ability to survive as a hero. Of course, all this can be turned upside down with Hoppa's mother. While we know that Janet van Dyne (Michelle Pfeiffer) will be the key to the movie, the trailer does not give us a glimpse of her or reveals how she escapes from Quantum Realm, as Lang traveled to the first movie after sub atom .

Quantum Realm opens a whole new universe for Marvel to reveal. While appearing briefly in Ant-Man and Doctor Strange the trailer points to a complete survey of this second dimension with someone passing this space in a ship of any kind. While the rules for this site, which has so far been shown as an accessible point through both magic and science, are not yet defined, rumors that Quantum Realm will play an important role in Marvel's upcoming slate, including next year's Captain Marvel . If Quantum Realm is Marvel's way of exploring other dimensions, it may prove to be our first glimpse of Marvel's multiverse, and if we think about the long term, it's easy to imagine some amazing family coming from this place.

As exciting as Quantum Realm seems to be for Marvels heroes, it is also learning new threats in the form of Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen). Introduced in Iron Man No. 219 1987, is a little known about Ghost's true identity, but his power set of invisibility and intangible features has made him a sought after tool for spying and corporate destruction. Ant-Man and Wasp changes Ghost's gender, and probably her origin, but it appears that her powers will remain the same, even if they come from another source. She will be an interesting threat and her unique power set will certainly allow certain visually wise action sequences. While Scott's mate and partner and crime says Luis (Michael Pena) "She wants to take over the world or anything," there's probably much more to her motivation than that.

After the title, we get a stinger introducing us to Bill Foster (Laurence Fishburne), revealing that he once collaborated with Pym as Goliath. It seems likely that we will see Foster grow to Goliath in the movie, but if the size comparison between him and Scott is any indication he will be significantly less than comic readers usually see. When Marvel begins to break the time between Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and Iron Man (2008), it does not hurt to hope we get a flashback of Foster, Pym and Van Dyne cooperate in their heydays.

It's gonna be nice to take a breath from the massive landscape of Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy Ant Man and Wasp Do not Look Like It Waits pressing MCU forward.

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