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Andy Ruiz: I haven't signed anything yet, I want a new match in NY!

By Miguel Rivera

IBF, IBO, WBA, WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz has double-checked his position that a new match with Anthony Joshua has not been completed.

Ruiz disputes the latest statements from Joshua's promoter. Eddie Hearn, who on Monday announced at a press conference that an agreement had been signed by both sides to redistribute December 7 in Saudi Arabia.

Ruiz shocked the world in June when he stopped Joshua for seven rounds to capture the United States crown. He dropped Joshua four times before a stunned crowd at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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Before the first contest, both sides signed an agreement with agreed terms for the redistribution.

According to Hearn, the terms of that agreement give Joshua the power to choose the scene of the second battle.

Ruiz stands on the ground that he never agreed to anything and for the moment he refuses to go to Saudi Arabia.

"I haven't signed anything yet, we are negotiating everything. They want to fight over there (in Saudi Arabia), but we have to see where (it takes place) and we will negotiate that with my team. I would like to that in New York again, where I won I'll give him a chance to try and beat me, and if he wants the belts he has to do that, "Ruiz told ESPN Deportes.

Hearn has already mentioned the possibility of a legal dispute if Ruiz does not respect the terms of the rematch agreement.

In the rematch, Ruiz expects Joshua to use his feet to move around the ring, to create distance for long strokes and combinations ̵

1; but he doubts Joshua can pull it off.

"I think he will want to run a little more, move around, but he is too big, he has a lot of muscle and it will be very difficult for him to do that," Ruiz said.

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