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Android 11’s grating Pixel 4 screen flickering error will be addressed soon

Starting with Android 11 Developer Preview 4, some Pixel 4 users, including us here at Android Police, noticed an odd display flicker error, which we could pinch to some fast flip flops between 60 and 90Hz modes. Although you may not see it in screen recordings, the flickering is very visible and very annoying when using the phone. Unfortunately, the error is still two development cycles later in Beta 2, but Google has promised that it will solve the problem with an update to be released in two weeks.

Making things worse in Beta 2 is the fact that Power 90Hz option has been removed from developer settings, so it is impossible to avoid flicker without adopting more cumbersome solutions. At least the problem is not as widespread as it used to be, because many Redditors report that they only have the problem on the home screen or in apps that often update the screen when you enter text, such as WhatsApp or other messengers. Bugs don̵

7;t seem to affect all Pixel 4 devices either.

Fortunately, Android Vice President Dave Burke himself noted the issue and confirmed to Android Police Artem Russakovskii that the problem has been resolved internally and will be delivered within about two weeks.

While we wait for the update to be launched, XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman found a way to force Pixel 4 to run at 90Hz all the time to mitigate the problem, even if it is missing Power 90Hz toggle. Connect your phone to your computer in debug mode and run the following two commands in ADB shell:

settings set the system min_refresh_rate 90.0
settings set the system peak_refresh_rate 90.0

While it would have been great to see the fix in Android 11 Beta 2, especially since the release is so focused on stability, it is still good that Google has not forgotten it and is working to polish the new operating system even further.

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