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André Leon Talley on Anna Wintour: ‘She’s a Colonial Lady’

André Leon Talley has a few words for his former friend and colleague, Anna Wintour, who yesterday sent an apologetic email for all “hurtful or intolerant” behaviors on Vogue during his 32-year tenure as editor-in-chief. Talley, former editor at large Vogue, spoke to Sandra Bernhard on her Sirius XM show about the inefficiency and hypocrisy of Wintour’s apology. “The statement came out of the white privilege. I want to say one thing: Dame Anna Wintour is a colonial broad, she is a colonial lady (…) She is part of an environment of colonialism, ”he said. “She’s right and I don’t think she’s ever going to let anything get in the way of her white privilege.” Talley pointed out the timing of the apology email, noting that it came shortly after the appointment of Samira Nasr as editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar, the first black woman to hold that position. “It’s obvious that this statement is coming because this girl is going to run race rings around [Wintour], Said Talley, referring to Nasr.


Talley also compared Wintour’s statement, stating that “it can’t be easy to be a black employee at Vogue,“To NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s latest statement on racism. “If you at least make a statement, name what your mistakes were and own up to it, dear. No excuses necessary, all we want is respect, that’s all we’ve ever asked for,” Talley said, noting that Goodell didn’t even Colin Kaepernick mentioned by name, “All I ask for is human decency and kindness,” he said. Talley previously wrote about the racism and humiliation he encountered Vogue and specifically from Wintour in his memoir, Satin-ditches.

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