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Analysts predict PS5 will sell the Xbox Series X by a margin of 2-1

While the console’s war framework has some issues when it comes to hardware, platforms and the modern video game industry, there’s still a lump of truth in there. This fall, Microsoft and Sony will release the next two consoles that compete directly with each other: Xbox Series X and PS5. One of them will inevitably sell more, and that is the console war we are working on. Which will it be? Most industry watchers assume it will be the PS5.

A new report from the DFC̵

7;s intelligence suggests that it will do so by an impressive margin. Analyst believes that PS5 will sell out Xbox Series X 2-1 due to Sony’s stronger global brand and people’s long preference for PlayStation. Here is what they had to say in a new remark:

“Microsoft is trying its best with the Xbox Series X, but recent months have revealed that they are just too far behind Sony. Consumers’ brand preferences are strong towards PlayStation. As a hardware, there is nothing that the Xbox Series X does to change that perception.

Sony is also a global powerhouse in video games. Microsoft is only strong in English-speaking markets. Xbox has no presence in Japan and is weak in most of Europe. Sony’s strength in global consumer electronics distribution has been too much for Microsoft to overcome, even after 20 years of coordinated work. “

It repeats that Microsoft seems to be well aware of this difference, which is why the company has increasingly moved to a platform agnostic strategy more focused on Game Pass and xCloud than any hardware. So Microsoft and Xbox are fully capable of succeeding here in the long run even as Sony continues its dominance in the console space.

Microsoft’s still unconfirmed lower priced Lockhart project remains a missing piece of the puzzle, but I still expect the PS5 to be the winner of this generation by a significant margin. Especially at launch, the number of consoles that Sony can sell will be more limited by how many it can do than anything else. This is just how the console industry has been for a long time with a remarkable hiccup at the launch of the PS3. Sony has been strong in space since the original PlayStation, and that is unlikely to change.

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