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An FCC filing points to a Nintendo Switch wireless SNES controller

A new FCC filing has revealed a forthcoming Nintendo Switch SNES wireless controller, possibly suggesting plans to release Super Nintendo games for the system.

Reset users Link83 discovered the new filing (required for controller release in the United States) after setting a warning for all Nintendo FCC ID registrations. Much of the documentation is confidential, but the accompanying image matches the iconic form of the SNES controller, while the appearance of the "HAC" model number notes its potential as a peripheral, since all other switch hardware and accessories use the same model number. [19659003] No Caption Provided "src =" https://gamespot1

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Nintendo released a similar NES controller for Switch 12 months ago when NES games started popping up for Nintendo Online subscribers. This new controller can signal the arrival of SNES games to the switch's virtual library, with an accompanying controller that lets you relive the days of playing Super Mario World, A Link to the Past and Super Metroid with a well-known peripheral in hand. [19659002] Nintendo has not officially announced the controller in any capacity yet, but we will keep you updated as they do so in the meantime you can stay updated o m all Nintendo Switch news here:

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