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"American Season 6, Episode 6 Recap: The nose is tightening

Of course, it would not be a Dennis-and-Stan operation without a loose end. Harvest shows that he has been made and sends a S.O.S. to Central, who contacts Claudia, telling Elizabeth that she must go to Chicago – on Thanksgiving, the most American vacation – and address the situation. So, Elizabeth ends in Windy City, accompanied by a scared Marilyn, with a shaky plan to catch Harvest despite his F.B.I. tail. And therefore Philip gets into that phone booth and agrees that he will save the day and possibly his wife's life, despite being in the midst of Thanksgiving dinner preparation.

The tightening nose was the episode's crisis, but its dramatic center was Elizabeth and Philips's continuing deception. The exhibition can drive the marriage and cold war and the espionage metaphors a little too hard, but they are generally smart and effective in themselves. The opening site cleverly clears Philips's announcement that he did not go through the Kimmy operation and a man's statement that he had finished an extramarital fling ̵

1; "It's over" makes double duty. And Elizabeth let go of how sexual jealousy was mixed with his anger at Philips's persecution of his patriotic duty. Elizabeth stamped on Paige's room, and Philip turned to the other side, to the master, a storytelling moment in a show that so often forms those hanging in bed together.

We also saw their rift through Henry, who was Home for Thanksgiving – Philip leaves the room when Elizabeth came in. Elizabeth slept in Paige's bed. Philip blew up when his tram continued to run off the track. (Was the public slots run a thing in the late 80's? I missed it.) After a sad phone conversation with his mom, please Henry – now when we actually see him he is a good guy to have around – says to her father, "I really do not really understand why she's so unhappy." Philip, wrapped in his business causes and his anger about Ilya (Sofia son), says "What?" I am I'm not sure I buy that Philip we've watched in the past six seasons would be so oblivious, but it was the necessary transition to the last stage.

Other Business

• Why "Rififi"? It was allowed to mention Blacklisting by director Jules Dassin, but from the title I was expecting something that would affect the film's famous, almost silent, half-hour robbery scene. Perhaps it was meant that it was a link to Elisabeth's plan, as we have not seen yet, to make Harvest disappear. (At a more obscene level, you can note that "Rififi" ends with antihero that risks saving a young boy.) The script also served in references to several other old films, including the great Jean-Pierre Melville gangster girl "Bob le Flambeur . "

• Elizabeth meets Jackson at the Key Theater, an art house on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, which was closed in 1997. It is now a restaurant hardware. Extra value, associated with the "Americans": The theater is said to have been named Francis Scott Key.

• Later, on the subway (which looks very much like the New York subway), Elizabeth tells her the goal she works for a company that makes management advice. Soon afterwards, Philip tells the unfortunate Stavos that he did not hit his weight when he burned him. It is Philip who can use leadership education, a point taken home when his son offers to connect him with a friend's dad who also has "a few failures" but is now a successful businessman.

• The Post Robot had its biggest stage of the season, hilariously shooting into the elevator with Stan and Dennis. And there was a clear reference to F.B.I's a big advantage over illegal actions (in addition to memo delivery technology): staff. Stan could put 50 men at work and track car sales. (Dennis needed one of them to follow another lead that is potentially lethal to Elizabeth and Philip: Harvest was talked to a Russian Orthodox clergyman.)

• Favorite printable part of the episode: Elizabeth after offering Henry a cigarette "You "I am an adult now, I do not need to hide things further from you."

• Finally, the episode's non-dialect pop song site was made to Tears of Fear's "Ideas as Opiates", an obvious hymn about the tyranny of the belief system (like Elizabeth's). dinner at Beemans – where Stan delivered a bowl if the people "out there" threatened the American way of life – Philip went to one of these garages The FBI is homing in. After reviewing some of Elizabeth's stuff – disguises, documents, the notebook with his drawings – he prepared a message and turned it off. Later we saw Oleg pick it up and decode it. We do not know what it said – it can be somehow but based on all evidence so I suppose it was: "I'm out. I'm stuck with my wife. "

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