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American Horror Story Season 9 Cast Revealed in Teaser Video

  emma roberts in american horror story

Ryan Murphy has delivered yet another tantalizing part of American Horror Story: 1

984 puzzle. It was a very normal Thursday afternoon when Murphy decided to share Instagram a few teaser videos of American Horror Story season 9 cast.

Teaser videos include recurring cast members Emma Roberts Billie Lourd Cody Fern John Carroll Lynch Leslie Grossman and Matthew Morrison as well as newcomers ] Angelica Ross ( Pose ), DeRon Horton ( Dear White People ) and Olympian ] Gus Kenworthy . Every cast member is in a suit, hugging the camera as they let their incredible 80s look like talking. Through the movies, Dan Hartman s hit song "I can dream of you" playing, somehow these videos make ghosts the longer you look.

When the video goes forward, the setting goes from one studio to one of the sets: A cottage filled with bunk beds that you would find in any summer camp that lies deep in the forest. The pile is similar to the one contained in the teaser video, which announced the title of Season 9 – 1984 – and also gives us a sense of what we can expect when the season is really premiered. If I interpret these videos correctly, it looks 1984 can make their version of Horror Camp Classic Sleepaway Camp except for children and teenagers, it is a group of adults and instead of a teenage serial killer is larger in a black rain poncho. Evan Peters . . . Both players' absence from season 9 was confirmed in recent months. Just because they don't come back for season 9, doesn't mean they are permanently out of rotation. Paulson and Peters are likely to be out this season to run other projects (Paulson is starting to film the series Miss America and will be busy marketing The Goldfinch soon ). There is always a chance that they will return for future seasons, but at present they are handing it over to the second returning casting.

American Horror Story: 1984 prizes on Wednesday, September 18, at FX. Look at teaser videos of cast in costume below:

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