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AMD Ryzen 3000 system needs a BIOS fix for Linux, "Destiny 2" problem

Last week, AMD released its new Ryzen 3000 series CPUs and Radeon RX 5700 graphics cards, but there is a small problem with the CPUs. As some Linux users quickly noticed, there is a problem with newer distributions based on 5.0 or higher that will prevent the operating system from starting. Some people have been able to get around it by taking the systemd component back to an older version or a newer patched edition, but now players have problems with Destiny 2 .

A few days they noticed that the game would not start when used on systems with the new chips and reported the problem to Bungie. In a statement, AMD told Phoronix that it has implemented a BIOS fix for the problem that causes the problems and distributed it to motherboard manufacturers. Now we just have to wait until they make the patched versions available to customers, who Forbes mentions can happen as early as next week for beta releases. Separately, NVIDIA should have a fix to soon address BSOD crashes on systems that combine Ryzen 3000 with the GeForce GPU.


AMD has identified the foundation and implemented a BIOS fix for a problem affecting the ability to run certain Linux distributions and Destiny 2 on Ryzen 3000 processors. We have distributed an updated BIOS to our motherboard partners, and we expect consumers to have access to the new BIOS in the coming days.

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