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Amber Kyzer asks the jury for mercy for former man who killed his 5 children

Amber Kyzer was married to Timothy Jones Jr. for eight years and lived in Lexington County until 2012 – when they received a divorce and shared joint custody of their children.

After their marriage ceased, she remained without a job, car or license and believed it would be best to give her parents' primary custody of the children, CNN affiliate WIS reported.

"I had nothing to offer my children, I couldn't support them," she said. "As a mother, I made the best decision I could. I trusted my husband at the time. He promised to take care of our children."

Then she phoned August 28, 2014 as she always did at 7 pm – but something was different. Her child screamed in the background and her son sounded like he was gassing for air, she said. Then her husband interrupted the phone and did not answer many calls from her afterwards, she said.

She later found that he had killed his children Mera, 8; Elias, 7; Nahtahn, 6; Gabriel, 2; and Abigail 1


Jones did not claim guilty because of madness, the WIS reported. After three weeks of testimony, a jury found him guilty of five counts of murder on June 4. Prosecutors seek the death penalty and a jury will determine the penalty.

& # 39; Nothing justifies what you have done "

Kyzer said while agitated by Jones to kill the children, she asked for her life on their behalf .

"He did not show my children mercy in any way. My children loved him and if I speak on behalf of my children and not myself, that's what I would have to say, "she testified on Tuesday." I'm not here for me. Mom in me wants him to feel everything I know, which my kids knew. Nothing justifies, nothing justifies what you have done. "

During the hearing, she turned to the one she was married to and told her how she loved him at a time, and so did their children. Jones wiped away tears with a handkerchief.

Kyzer said she had not participated in most hearings in person but had seen them on the stream and discovered cruel details about how her child died while other people in the courtroom.

Han put their bodies in the trash and dumped them

Her husband dumped the children's bodies in the trash on a gravel road in Alabama. He was arrested while driving on September 6, 2014.

South Carolina Department of Correctional Officers – Lt Travis Pressley and Ben Boyd – testifying how he, after being treated and sitting in a room, came clean and described how he killed the children.

He explained how he was strangling them and choked them – some with their naked hands while he was using the belt on others, pressley said, according to the affiliate.

"I discovered with you and the world what had happened to my children. So in the future, Mum in me saw, fry him, fry him completely. But from the beginning I have kept – – I'm not a death penalty – I'm a strong believers without the death penalty, says Kyzer.

Others have asked the jury to save their lives

Kyzer said she did not want her husband's family to feel the pain of losing one son as she did.

"If I personally could tear his face, I would," she said, according to the affiliate. "That is the mummy bear in me. I do not wish the Jones family what I felt I lost my sons. "

She told the jury about the alleged abuse she suffered while marrying Jones, sometimes in the presence of their child. She described how he used to spit on

In addition to Kyzer, Joness's grandmother and his father have also asked the jury not to condemn him to death.

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