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Amazon is now selling Google's Pixel 3a and 3a XL – Droid Life

Google and Amazon have not always been friends, but since the animation between the two has been silent over the past year, we have seen a positive sharing, as nice to play over YouTube and Amazon Prime Video, as well as the sale of selected Google products on Amazon's store. With the launch of Pixel 3a Pixel 3a en Pixel 3a XL it looks like Amazon and Google have expanded their relationship.

Listings for both Google's new Pixel 3a phones now live on Amazon, with some models being shipped immediately, while others are a little late.

These also appear to be official listings (which you find with Pixelbook or Slate or Chromecast), not products sold through Amazon from other 3rd retailers you might find with Pixel 3. These are sold and shipped by Amazon. And that's an important difference, as it helps with returns, means fast Prime shipping, and can also mean killer agreements on Pixel 3a on the road.

At the moment you may not want to buy either from Amazon. Remember, Best Sellers, B&H Photo and Google all offer $ 1

00 gift cards or credit when buying. So far, it doesn't look like Amazon has joined that promo.

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