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"Amazing Race" contestant Jim Raman died at 42

Jim Raman, an orthodontist who competed on the reality show "The Amazing Race" 2014 with his wife, died Monday. He was 42 years old.

Raman, by Irmo, S.C., died at his home, announced Lexington County Sheriff's Department Deadline. The authorities went to the residence to answer a call and pronounced Raman dead on the spot, Captain Adam Myrick, the department spokesman said.

It was not immediately clear how Raman died but Myrick told the United States today that the police did not "seek any suspects or interested people, as our work on this matter continues."


"No suspect or criminal is involved in case you refer to and by compassion and respect for the family, my office will not comment on it," Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher told WIS TV.

Orthodontist and his wife, Misti Raman, came together on the reality show's 25th season together. They finished second behind Ph.D. students Amy DeJong and Maya Warren.

The Ramans have two children together and own the dental method Irmo Smiles, who released a statement about Jim Raman's death.


"Because our staff and family are preparing Dr. Raman's celebration of life, please follow us to ask for peace and comfort during This difficult time. Your patience is greatly appreciated, as we give Dr. Misti Raman time to deceive the loss of her loving husband, the statement says. [19659] Raman's funeral service is scheduled to be held on Saturday in Lexington.

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