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Alleged Molotov cocktail throwers blamed the attack on black people

The White Catskills woman allegedly attacking the NYPD with a molotov cocktail during the height of George Floyd protests in the city claimed that three masked black people pressed her to the explosive act, according to new court documents.

In a series of recorded video interviews, Samantha Shader, 27, admitted she threw the device, court papers say – but said she did so at the request of two black men and a black woman and that she felt compelled to follow because she was “the only white the person in the area, “Shader said.

She even offered detailed descriptions of their appearance.

The man who handed her the bottle, she said, was a “thicker guy”

; with “lean dreads.” The other man was smaller and wore a hat, while the woman was thin with “poofy hair,” and everyone wore dark clothes and covered their faces with dark-colored bandanas, she reportedly told investigators.

The man in fear told her “they would prove a point.”

The disclosure was made in a criminal complaint that was not finalized Saturday and announced the arrest of Shader’s friend, Saugerties painter Timothy Amerman, 29.

Shader was arrested hours after the May 29 attack on the streets of Brooklyn – but the story she told police recently began loosening when the FBI found Amerman, authorities say. No one was injured because the molotov cocktail did not ignite. Shader faces life in prison.

Authorities have not revealed a motive for the attack, but revealed a series of Facebook posts in which Shader advocated for violence to resolve racial rights.

“Black people should be allowed to burn down the land they built for free,” she allegedly wrote, according to the complaint.

Shader was indicted in a seven-count indictment last month. She is being held in the Brooklyn Metropolitan Detention Center.

A note investigator found in the vehicle that Shader was driving to New York City led them to Amerman, who allegedly admitted that Shader had planned to attack police and counter-protesters in advance – and that he provided her with the supplies to do so.

Authorities returned a Bulleit bottle on the spot from a witness who said Shader threw it at the occupied NYPD vehicle. Amerman told law enforcement that is his choice of bourbon.

Amerman was arrested this week and is expected to appear in court Saturday afternoon in Albany on a count of civil disorder and a count of civil disorder conspiracy.

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