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All you need to know about "Wraps" in Fortnite Season 7 – Weapons and Car Skins

You can now customize your weapons and vehicles in Fortnite: Battle Royale with the addition of "Wraps" in season 7.

As one of the most sought after features of members of society, weapons and car skins have finally been added to Fortnite by Epic Games.

You now have the option to add a Wrap of your choice to each separate weapon category shown when a gun is busy and equipped.

Vehicles, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, Sniper Rifles and Pistols all have their own sections where Wraps can be applied in the newly developed season 7 Locker.

New season 7 Locks with Wrap options.

Purchase of Season 7 Battle Pass provides you with "Arctic Camo" Wrap directly from the bat. More wraps can be unlocked when Battle Pass levels are leveled.

Selection of menu choices in games.

Although a weapon may appear to appear regularly on the ground or out of a chest, Wrap will be

& # 39; Arctic Camo & # 39; Assault Rifle Wrap in-game.

Vehicles – including the new Stormwing planet – will also be compatible with Wraps and will also be applied

"Arctic Camo" Wrap on the new Stormwing planet.

Wraps will provide a new level of adaptation to Fortnite, unlike what was added in previous seasons. Knowing epic games are future opportunities endless.

At the writing, it is unknown if Wraps will be available to purchase through the department store, or if they will remain a Battle Pass feature.

More information about Season 7, including new additions, patron engines and more, is available here .

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