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All You need to Know About Puffco Peak vaporizer; A Review for Stoners

If you have just penetrated the Stoner’s market, then you must be wondering which e-rig would suit you better. To make this choice more comfortable for you, we have decided to review one of the bestselling vaporizers available in the market. So, tighten your boots, and let’s get ready to see if Puffco Peak Vaporizer is the ideal choice for you.


It is essential to see how we price it works so you can assess if its operation suits you or not. Without adequate information regarding the vaporizer’s working, you cannot make the apt decision to purchase the right vaporizer.

Unlike most of the traditional vaporizers that hard been dominating the Stoner’s market, the Puffco Peak Launched a vaporizer that was a significant breakthrough in the electronic vaporizer market.

The use of this vaporizer is relatively easy. First, you have to fill the glass slightly less than halfway, just a little above the air holes. But detach the glass from the rest of the device while you are filling it. You wouldn’t want to damage the rest of the apparatus. Then assemble the glass bowl and keep on pressing the main button for at least 3 seconds. It will unlock the vaporizer and prepare it for the dab. Keep on pressing the same button to choose the temperature setting you deem right for your dabbing.

Now, via the loading tool’s help, you will unload the concentrate in the right amounts into the atomizer. Lock the carb cap on, and now you are ready.

Double click on the button so the vaporizer gets the indication, and it begins to heat up. Approximately after 20 seconds, the light will flash, and the vaporizer will vibrate, alerting you that it’s ready for use.

You will be assessing a vaporizer based on the following elements, so let’s see how Puffco Peak Vaporizer fits in all of them:

  • Vapor Quality
    You cannot doubt on Puffco Peak’s fantastic vapor quality. It’s unmatched and tremendous. This vaporizer offers a luxurious dabbing experience as the hits are flavourful, potent, and highly pleasurable.
  • Flexibility in Temperature Setting
    Four temperature settings vary by 50° F increments. It starts at 450° and then ends at 600°.
  • Battery Life
    This vaporizer takes around two and a half hours to charge fully and will last for approximately 30 dabs before its power drains out. Though the battery isn’t removable or reusable, so after a few years, you would have to invest in a new vaporizer.
  • Manufacturing Quality
    Puffco didn’t let us down with this product either. The quality of glass and the construction material is superb. The vaporizer itself is durable and has a sturdy build.
  • How User-Friendly it is
    If you share this between friends, you wouldn’t have to worry about guiding your friends to use it as it is that easy.
  • Discreteness
    It is quite unlikely that f someone sees you with a functioning Puffco Peak Vaporizer, they will confuse it for something else. But if it not in use, it pretty much looks like a stylish lamp.
  • Portability
    This vaporizer is highly portable as it can be disassembled and then pieced back together, which means you can easily travel with it by keeping it packed.

Overall Experience

In the end, this is all that matters. How everything combined presents itself. The design of Puffco Peak is elegant and sophisticated. Its use is easy and simple to follow. It offers great hits and comes in highly recommended. The ratings of it are relatively high than the other vapes.