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All “Avatar” announcements: A timeline

James Cameron.
Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

The film has started on the four sequels to Avatar, James Cameron’s 3-D CGI Adventure 2009 about a paraplegic marine landing on the planet Pandora to break the unobtainium. But this time, Cameron will really make it happen – he’s not playing around! He has spent much of the last decade teasing us about upcoming payments and throwing up small updates (with occasional breaks for a titaniumc release or shadow Alien: Covenant). But this time he is serious: This week Cameron and his crew began filming the payout known as Avatar follows, which comes with a $ 1 billion budget. (That’s three and a half Lord of the Rings trilogies, sex Wonder Womans, 66 Hurt Lockers and 250 Moonlightp.) Here is a timeline for all Camerons Avatar promises that once seemed broken, or at least thick on the edge of breaking, but he will definitely do well on them, you will see. You will all see.

January 7, 2010: The days after Avatar earning a billion dollars, Cameron announces that we will have a sequel. “Yes, there will be another,” he tells the audience after a show in Los Angeles.

January 14, 2010: Now he says that not only will there be another – there will be several More. “I’ve had a story line from the beginning – there are even scenes in it Avatar which I was doing because they lead to the sequel, he says EW. “It only makes sense to think of it as a two or three movie arc, when it comes to the business plan.”

February 16, 2010: We not only get several trips to Pandora, but a book! “I told myself, if it made money, I would write a book. There are things you can do in books that you can’t do with movies,” says Cameron. Your librarian at the high school nods.

August 7, 2010: Now Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 will be filmed back to back. “We talk about it, it makes a lot of sense considering these productions. We can bank all catches and then go back and make cameras, he says. But really, he’s focused on the prequel novel: “I didn’t want to make any cheesy novel,” he says, “where some hack comes in and makes shit.”

March 7, 2010, a commitment: Cameron drops Oscar. (Later he will say that Oscars no longer assign their kinds of movies, which means “great visual film.”)

April 21, 2010: The Avatar the sequel, Cameron says, will dive deep (not in history – it’s for the novel) into the ocean. “Part of my focus in the second film is to create a different environment – another environment within Pandora. And I will focus on the ocean at Pandora, which will be as rich and versatile and crazy and imaginative, but there will just be no rainforest, he says to Los Angeles Times.

October 27, 2010: Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 is definitely happening ASAP – he forwarded Sony’s never realized Cleopatra to work with them. Fox made a big donation to his environmental green fund to make sure the trilogy rises to the tipping top of his to-do list. Cameron shoots for a release in December 2014 and December 2015.

May 7, 2012: Not only Avatar 2 and Avatar 3. Now James Cameron has one Avatar 4 in store too. He says he is Avatar only. Literally, he says this: “I’m not interested in developing anything. I am in Avatar business. Period. That’s all. I do Avatar 2, Avatar 3, maybe Avatar 4, and I will not produce other people’s films for them, he tells New York Times. He formally confirms it in August 2013.

December 2013: Avatar 2, Avatar 3, also Avatar 4 will be shooting at New Zealand. Not sure when, but probably soon-ish? When you put it in your calendar, you might be using pencils or one of these stylish erasable pens that they sell on Staples.

April 12, 2014: Cameron says they are in pre-production! Go ahead and set these iCal alerts.

January 14, 2015: He says Avatar 2, Avatar 3, also Avatar 4 are delayed, but only for a couple of years, preferably in 2017. So it’s a small delay, not a big delay. If we use the Google Calendar at this point, adjust it accordingly.

April 28, 2015: James Cameron not only gives us Avatar 2, Avatar 3, also Avatar 4. Did you think we would get away without it Avatar 5? He and his writing team have come up with five whole freaking scripts. We get Avatar 5also.

January 1, 2016: He loses steam. How can he get it done? Wrap reports it Avatar 2 has “been shut down indefinitely.”

April 14, 2016: “Next time I see you will be on Pandora,” Cameron tells a Comic Con audience. He’s back, baby! And this time he promises a new one Avatar almost every other Christmas: Avatar 2 is scheduled to be released Christmas 2018, with Avatar 3 after Christmas 2020, Avatar 4 on Christmas 2022, and Avatar 5 on Christmas 2023.

September 8, 2016: Sam Worthington is deeply into his Christian film stardom, Zoe Saldana is joining The Guardian of the Galaxyy now, but Cameron is still working hard on them Avatar movies. You get them when you get them. Okay?!? “We haven’t moved that goal yet, but we will do if we need to,” Cameron says. “The important thing for me is not when the first one comes out but the release of the release pattern.”

April 22, 2017: Shady is back, tell a friend: James Cameron has started production, with an adjusted timeline: Expect Avatar 2 on December 18, 2020; Avatar 3 on December 17, 2021; Avatar 4 on December 20, 2024; and Avatar 5 on December 19, 2025.

September 25, 2017: Seven years later, Cameron has started filming! Fox says the first Avatar the sequel will be released December 18, 2020. Avatar 3 comes a year later, and the last two are due December 2024 and 2025. Avatar follows It’s not just about the destination (again, Pandora, if you’ve forgotten in the meantime). Avatar is about James Cameron’s journey.

May 7, 2019: It’s only been 588 days since this extremely important timeline was updated, and I’ve returned to offer critical news! (You think that Avatar sequel is your ally? You just assumed Avatar sequel. I was born in them, shaped by them!)

In light of the acquisition of Disney-Fox, House of Mouse has released an updated – and exhaustive – release schedule for all of its new titles. “Four coming Avatar Movies that expand Pandora’s lively world will be released over the weekend before Christmas every other year beginning in 2021, Disney says. We will have the sequel on December 17, 2021; Avatar 3 on December 22, 2023; Avatar 4 on December 19, 2025; and Avatar 5 on December 17, 2027. (Extremely optimistic for James Cam’ron to assume that we will still live on a habitable planet by 2027, frankly!) These films may or may not receive the title Avatar: The Way of the Water, Avatar: Seed Bearer, Avatar: The Tulkun Rider, also Avatar: The Quest for Eywa. Your move, Marvel.

March 17, 2020: It went so well in the next year between spring 2019 and spring 2020! (Granted, James Cam’ron did go into a random feud with a diver, but it’s actually a lot of fun and little drama!) Production at Avatar however, sequels screamed because of the coronavirus. When cities around the world shut down to contain the virus, Avatar producer Jon Landau told New Zealand Herald that production was temporarily suspended: “We have delayed it. We had plans to come down on a Friday night with a group of people and start backup and we made the decision to go ahead and continue working here [Los Angeles], and came down a little later than we planned. “Weta Digital would continue to work with the film’s digital effects during the production break.

April 2, 2020: Other directors and other films fall victim to the global shutdown, with release plans and opening days changing on the calendar. Disney releases an updated release calendar for its films, noting that the first Avatar sequel is still scheduled to appear on December 17, 2021.

May 11, 2020: Let’s be reasonable here: Production on all of these Avatar sequels can only last for so long. Time is ticking! James Cam’ron gave another update Empire, which describes his frustration over the production shutdown. “It puts a big shrink in our step here,” he said. “I want to come back to work Avatar, which we are currently not allowed to do under state emergency laws or regulations. So it’s all on hold right now. “He spoke from his home in Malibu and explained to the filmmaker that he would be traveling halfway across the world during a phase of photography before the lockdown was paid for these plans.” We were about to shoot down New Zealand, so it was pushed. get back to it as fast as we can. “

May 22, 2020: And we back, and we back, and we back, and we back, and we back! (A chance that the rapper’s reference is reasonable here, I think, for in many ways Avatar sequel is all we have.) Producer Jon Landau announced that production will resume in June. “Our Avatar sets are ready – and we couldn’t be more excited to be heading back to New Zealand next week,” he wrote, sharing a photo of a “command ship” and a “jet boat.”

Come hell, high water or a global pandemic, the first Avatar the sequel will come December 17, 2021! Monitor this area.

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