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Alex Cora has a Blueprint for the last weeks of the season

On Wednesday, he seemed a little bit of a brook. Yes, his player would have to rest, he said, but if Red Sox had a chance to disturb Yankee postseason pitching plans, they could also do that.

This may mean that Yankees are forced to use their top pitch (Masahiro Tanaka, JA Happ or any other) during the last weekend of the regular season, rather than in the Wild Card game or Game 1 in the Division series.

"We're talking about it," Cora said.

Whatever its decision, the end of the 2017 season offers a roadmap. The red sox led the Yankees to A.L. East of three matches on the way to the last weekend of the season. On last Friday, Astros Boston struck in his 1

60th match, and the Yankees beat Toronto, meaning that Yankees could have stayed in Boston in the last two games. (In addition to forcing Boston to play his best players, Astros also fought with the Cleveland Indians for the top record in AL, giving them another incentive to win.)

In his 161th game, Boston is still fighting with AL East, Houston used almost the same line as it used to win game 7 in the world series. But Boston won that game 6-3, to finally finish the ward.

Had Red Sox lost, they might have turned to their essay, Chris Sale, in the season's last match. It would have hampered sales from throwing two times against Astros in the division round, which was Houston's main goal.

"Last year, I knew that Red Sox was still trying to get the division so we had some goals in mind, Sade Cora." One of them was trying to push them to use Chris on the last day of the season, which we did not succeeded in. But we pushed them almost to the limit. It was good because they had to play and there was a lot of information we received from that series. "

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