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Alan Dershowitz: "Obstruction" by Mueller reports what to read first

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz said on Monday that he is planning to "skim over" the parts of the edited Mueller report, which discusses President Trump's relationship with Russia, because he believes that the part intended to prevent Trump's justice will be the more interesting section.

On Monday, it was announced that an edited version of Robert Mueller's full 400-page survey will be published on Thursday.

Dershowitz said under one look at "America's Newsroom" that he believes that some editors made by Lawyer William Barr in the new report will be "few and far from" but necessary to maintain privacy in individuals in the investigation who do not face criminal charges.

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"I'll quickly foam Russian matter because I probably will quit There is no evidence there "Dershowitz said."

"The most interesting thing will be to look at the obstruction of justice," he added. "The obstruction case is largely based on what the president said openly in tweets and press conferences. I think we should see another analysis of the law on whether a president can commit obstruction of justice if he burns someone who (formerly FBI manager James) Comey, who he is entitled to fire, "Dershowitz added.

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The Prophet said it was righteous upset when Comey revealed details of the investigation of Hillary Clinton, even though there were no charges, because it was not The Prosecutor's role in expressing their personal views on the situation, but in the case of Mueller's report, he says that people want to hear "all about all."


"The The real question is why do we have a double standard? "Asked Dershowitz." Why were we furious, I was when Comey went after Hillary Clinton beyond saying we will not accuse her and now we want to hear all about everyone who was in the report [Mueller] even though they have not been accused . Where does the double standard come from? "

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