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Aladdin's newest trailer shows that Genie is more than a meme

About the former Aladdin the trailer left us all feeling very concerned about Will Smith's Genie, the newest trailer is trying to renounce that fear.

The second full-length trailer today premiered on Good Morning America and it is hyperfocused on the relationship between Aladdin and Genie. It is full of quips from Smith and sweet bonding moments between the two, and it serves as a reminder that this Genie is more than just a meme.

Reactions to the first full-length trailer were not as positive as Disney might have hoped; people were disturbed by Smith's Genie, and it dominated the conversation. Smith has always been in advance about how his version of the character would differ from Robin Williams, who expressed the character in 1

994. Although Genie would be one of the more exciting parts of Aladdin the reaction to Smith's first appearance in the trailer could be explain why it is more detailed and charming here.

Aladdin is part of Disney's ongoing campaign to transform and customize their animated classics as live-action films. Guy Ritchie directs and the movie stars newcomer Mena Massoud as Aladdin, Naomi Scott as jasmine and, of course, Smith in the role of Genie.

Aladdin will beat theaters on May 24, 2019.

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